Eviction turns to violence in Strokestown Co. Roscommon


IIRC the relevant law gives all power to and oversight for solely to the Minister of Finance. No board. No Dáil committee. No details. Little transparency. If, considering that, you want to praise the resolution process you’re either naive or a cheerleader.


Man charged with violent disorder over incident at farm in Strokestown
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He’s no stranger to banking troubles, if this is the same PJ Sweeney of Ramelton
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Which of the big 5 would you like to piss your money at to get a report that says “it’s all grand, they’re lovely fellows running NAMA”?


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Interesting to look back on the actual v the forecast state response. The state response to the violence is to oppose bail for the accused. Think about all the violent career criminals who have gotten bail when charged on a new offence and this fella hasn’t ! It is reminiscent to the UK’s state response to the 2011 riots. When there was a breakdown of law and order they responded in quite a draconian way, sentencing wise. It’s a bit the same here. The state decides to be draconian.


The Director of Public Prosecutions is independent and decides on whether to object to bail. The courts are also independent and decide on whether to grant bail. The government has neither control over nor access to the DPP or any judge.

What we have are independent actors in the justice system fulfilling their roles in accordance with the law and the constitution. There is no one “state” entity deciding “to be draconian”.


The UK doesn’t have a single state entity yet somehow this happened after the London riots. There’s always a way for the State to exert control.

theguardian.com/uk/2011/aug … sentencing

Next you’ll be telling us that the Minister is independent of the Gardai and the Gardai don’t liaise with the DPP. And the Judge doesn’t listen to the Gardai’s opinions.

No one rang the judge here. You just have to roll the ball in a particular direction and the system will usually deliver the outcome you want.


From a few years back…

irishtimes.com/news/man-cha … r-1.621969

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Dont think theres any question of the man being a flight risk.


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Imagine if the German head of the Polish police force (who also happens to be the former head of the German police force) was found to be travelling to Warsaw in an armed German police vehicle whilst accompanied by armed members of the German police force.

Im pretty sure it would be a resigning matter.

Throw in the content of this thread and what looks to have been illegal evictions of irish citizens carried out by ex-British para-militaries under the watchful gaze of member of An Garda Siochana and you’d really have to wonder what exactly is going on in Ireland.

Perhaps some of our resident Russian conspiracy theorists might get more mileage out of whats going on in their own back yard…

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris had a rocky ride to Dublin when his bulletproof jeep was flung into the air after smashing into a barrier at garda headquarters.

A garda on sentinel hit an emergency button to activate a security barrier which shot up from the ground to stop the unmarked PSNI jeep entering the depot.

Ireland’s top cop would normally be picked up at the border by a Garda Emergency Response Unit but on this occasion armed PSNI officers brought him all the way to Dublin.

A senior garda source last night told the Irish Mirror: “The garda saw a Northern Ireland jeep driving at a pace towards the barriers (at Garda HQ).

“The PSNI were driving through the gate when the jeep with Drew Harris inside was rammed and flung up into the air by the barrier.

"The gate shot up from the ground and caught the front of the PSNI jeep, it nearly turned over.

Archived version - https://archive.is/F7p0r


Yikes! the lad on duty did the right thing but bet he still gets redeployed…


System malfunction damaged Commissioner’s car - gardaí

they’ve changed their story now. Gas!


@thejackal Where did ya lift that from, is it missing a link?


sorry here’s the link


Last night investigating gardai, backed up by members of the Special Detective Unit (SDU), arrested a 39-year-old man at a property in Navan, Co Meath.

This suspect’s home was searched the day after the Strokestown incident on December 16 but he was not arrested.

The man, who is originally from Dublin and has links to dissident republicans, is suspected by gardai to have been centrally involved in the alleged violent incident at the property.



Freemen still alive and well I see.

"Written arguments opposing the injunction application, which the Judge described as pseudo-legal “mumbo jumbo”, had been submitted on his behalf. "


What would Ronan Ryan and Pamela Flood do in a fantasy eviction?



Northern security company prosecuted by PSA for providing unlicensed security services in aftermath of reposession