Eviction turns to violence in Strokestown Co. Roscommon


Out of interest: in what direction? Wondering if my bubble is the same as others. Seems quite evenly split to me.


Read the facebook comments on Democrat link I posted to gauge the sentiment in the area.


I was pondering this the other day, and especially when the cost of courts, the Gardai etc are included - include all the costs to society on aggregate. You`d might have a substantial discount on building something else ? Of course its a moral can of worms as was the whole bailing out the banks and the potential to lose savers deposits etc etc etc. Renters are the ones who I feel the most sorry for as many who bought got away without paying their mortgages for years and were essentially rent free.

So many perverse contradictions and my own reactions to this are the contradictory, we have a tax dodger kicking up a fuss (and there are probably loads who dont deserve any sympathy when evicted but there will also be some who do) but because the banks got away with their off the wall lending without real punishment I like to see it being a hard slog to kick some people out.

I was about to write ‘now that we have the benefit of hindsight what would have been the correct course of action’ but i dont think the ramifications of the bubble is fully played out yet.


Yeah highly recommend a browse of the comments on the democrat/facebook link in the opening post.


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We are back to or still at where one of the earliest Ben Gilroy videos outlines the same point among others, used to delay or stop an eviction at one point (I don’t remember the outcome of this specific event) click here to see the RT interview with Ben Gilroy covering same point @ approx. 6:10.

Here is what appears to be the original 2012 video posted to youtube - youtube.com/watch?time_cont … pUjl4LvQM8


Despite this seemingly counter productive move - Jo Maxi Twitter reports breaking news (unconfirmed) with bonus humorous replies.

Over on reddit …


Justice must be spread evenly, have Sean Fitzpatrick, Sean Quinn, David Drumm and Sean Dunne been evicted? It cannot be a ‘them and us’ justice system. Irish culture knows injustice and reacts violently to it.

broadsheet.ie/2018/12/04/su … t1Xfuf3efI

From April & nothing since - arent the media just wonderful. Earn your keep of go bust, social media will ruin you.

irishtimes.com/business/fin … -1.3473894

Dont think you`d find loyalist thugs being hired to beat up and throw Seanie on the side of the road.

So does anyone know what happened that Tuesday back in April?

irishexaminer.com/breakingn … 39743.html

thesun.ie/news/1044955/cham … rish-bank/


Interesting story doing the rounds at home is that the paperwork for the eviction was not correct and should not have been executed. No source bar a few phone calls I got this evening. Will be very interesting if proved true in the morning.

Can’t wait to get home for Christmas this year, the stories in the pub are going to be legendary


I understand the anger about Seanie, but it’s still whataboutery.

What is the proposed legal or policy change that the anti evictionists are looking for? The closest I’ve come across is the idea that houses shouldn’t be repoed until the debtor dies.

If that’s the proposed policy then what’s to stop a 25 year old from defaulting on the mortgage and tax obligations and then getting a free house for life?

And in this case it seems that the people being evicted aren’t the debtor, they’re relatives. So do they all have to die too?


Nothing, nothing at all, and what bank would issue mortgages if that happens

What price property then ?


I think Drumm would love to be evicted from his current abode.


Is he an ex Garda? Haven’t seen that mentioned anywhere else.


I dont think thats true.

Reading elsewhere, it appears that the man who was beaten senseless and had his teeth knocked out by the Security Firm in full view of on-duty Gardaí, was himself a retired Garda from Longford who was there in support of his friend ie the person due to be evicted.

It seems there are three elderly siblings living in the house, one of whom owes money, the other two simply sharing the family home with the subject.


IT reports on Anthony McGann:
Tax settlement with Revenue in 2015 after an audit and a long list of debt judgements
irishtimes.com/news/crime-a … -1.3734439


yes; he’s not an ex-guard. just a tax dodger

if you have video or photographic evidence you should use the link tools.

Rural Ireland is full of these fellas. Talk to any vet or agricultural contractor and they’ll tell you about people who dodge their debts and the difficulty of getting paid for work carried out. There are plenty of useful idiots who conflate this gombeenery with the fight for Irish freedom


I think maybe you’re confusing Anthony McGann and Kevin Taylor.


Is there more than one video doing the rounds? In the one I watched you could make out two people being manhandled off the property, and one was on the ground, but I couldn’t make out punches being thrown or the kicks to the head that I saw referred to elsewhere.

That’s a tough situation but presumably they either own a share in the house and signed their agreement to it being used as collateral, or they don’t own it and have been living there with the permission of the brother, in which case their issue should really be with him for putting the house at risk.


Some intersting details on the debt

independent.ie/breaking-new … 34724.html

It looks like a boom time loan that went wrong. Initial loan spiraled and its has dragged on since 2008. How many more cases are there out there?

Also, Was the loan sold to cabot ?


Ah Sure we even have one of these fellas now in the top seat in the White House.