Eviction turns to violence in Strokestown Co. Roscommon



You appear to be suggesting that half the country are engaged in the equivalent of a modern version of the moving statues epidemic.

The assault takes place in front of a Garda Siochana (a guardian of the peace) who does nothing.

Further you know no more about the content of the order that was being acted upon than anyone else ie you have no knowdge of whethwr the eviction was legal or not. There are some suggestions that it wasn’t ie that it only named the person who is said to have accumulated the debt …and that his two siblings with whom he lived and co-owned the premises we’re illegally dragged from their home (by the ears) and fucked into the street…again in front of Gardai

Anyway regardless of the legalities, the extent of moral hazard dating back to 2008 that has underwritten every other financial decision taken by the people who run Ireland since then, to include the various consequence such as periods of mass unemployment, mass emigration, a suicide epidemic, homelessness epidemic and depleted public services can be traced back to that date.

It simply seems to be the case that some people have decided that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander …and they seem to have a lot of support


It’s yet further evidence of irresponsible behaviour by this particular individual.


What assault?

At what point in the video do you see something that can be construed as assault?

The only people who appear to see it are, coincidentally, people who support his right to stay in a property despite a court order to the contrary


Again, while your rebuttals may have validity in what might be considered the normal run of things i.e. where capitalism or whatever system it is that we live under was allowed to run its course, that simply hasn’t been the case for the past decade.

Some may obviously point to the possibly reckless nature of the person’s borrowings but ultimately what these events and more importantly, the reaction to them , say to me Is that much of the perception of legitimacy has been removed from the institutional pillars that underpin Irish society.

Most people appear to be of the view that the borrower did no more wrong than many others (wealthy, connected people) who have avoided any form of censure, and that as a result the State actors as well as the financial institutions involved (leaving aside the gang of thugs from the north) are the transgressors.

Again, my view is that the hangover of moral hazard dating back to 2008 (and events since then) is the ultimate cause of that


I don’t think this going to go anywhere if we can’t even agree on what we’re looking at.

As I said half the country (maybe more) appear to observe at least one person being viciously assaulted.

Personally I’m appalled by what I’ve seen on that video and was further appalled by the attitude of our supposed Taoiseach in the Dail when questioned about it.


Most people ? Really ?


You previously claimed that the video showed someone “quite literally having their heads kicked in”
I know that the word “literally” is much abused but surely you can point out a kick in the video.

Other people have also formed the view that there isn’t the assault evident so it’s not just me that thinks it’s a ball of smoke.

There’s no such ambiguity over the baseball bat assault/ animal cruelty


Banging on about his debts is a sideshow. The issue is the double standard.

Anyone who thinks Seanie Fitz and Derek Quinlan and Bernhard McNamara have nothing to do with this is at best delusional, at worst an establishment toady.

Seanie’s family is still massively wealthy…off his deeds and misdeeds…you might say you disagree with that, and that something should really be done at least about that family wealth maintenance after bankruptcy happening again, at a minimum. The point is Nothing Has Been Done. 10 years later.

This family gets dragged out of the house but Derek Quinlan was never made bankrupt by any creditor the state had influence over. Remind me does Derek owe more than the farmer ?

McNamara prepaid the rent on a house in St Johns Wood (or somewhere) before declaring bankruptcy. You might say, ‘oh that’s just a Centre of Main Interest, international bankruptcy thing’. Where is the evidence of our Government stating publicly and lobbying about it ?


Reports on social media now that Gardai have arrested a journalist from the Democrat newspaper with a view to seizing the content of his phone.

Not sure they’ve ever seized Paul Reynolds phone. Or Paul Williams phone for that matter.

edit - he was interviewed under caution and refused to hand over the device


Why is it necessary to rank the transgressions?

Failing to repay a loan to a financial institution is not immoral, it’s a business transaction that went wrong. However, you don’t then get to argue that the security can’t be recovered because family home blah blah. You gambled, you lost, get out. The State will ensure that you have a roof over your head and don’t starve.

Seanie Fitz and co are scum, but that’s really for another thread. They are rich and well advised enough to exploit the law to immoral ends. That’s not not morally right, but it’s probably legally right. The correct response is to fix the law. Burning down their houses would be an understandable response, if also wrong, but for whatever reason those clowns never got attacked. That surprises me. It’s not like their addresses are secret.

The thugs who repossessed were wrong. It was done cack handedly and with excessive force. Amateur hour.

The thugs who went back to attack the first set of thugs were also wrong. Arson kills people. Fire is unpredictable. Violence is wrong.

All the wrongs are distinct. They don’t cancel one another out.


Mattie McGrath and Jerry Beades occupying a KBC branch (HQ?)

thejournal.ie/three-tds-and … 9-Dec2018/

Their “No evictions” message not getting much traction in comments… :angry:


It’s ons of their hubs (staffed by three children and a playgroup leader)

Their HQ is on a side street near Pearse Street. You wouldn’t want to be down there at this hour of night. You’d need an ex-UDR security detail




Serious question - has Mattie McGrath any previous on moaning about how high mortgage rates are in Ireland vs the rest of Europe?


Ok that’s your position. I take the position that 3 people who are lucky if they make it into the top 10,000 non paying debtors of boom and aftermath cannot morally be thrown out in the context of so many of the top 10 living fat and comfortable.

There’s also the question of the propaganda campaign. Let’s be clear. The only confirmed related organisation in this story with paramilitary links is the UDR. But strangely that’s not an angle ever taken in the Times or Indo.


I don’t know that they have as much as you think.

It doesn’t feel like a ‘yellow-jackets’ issue - repossessions just aren’t going to affect that many people. The loyalist connection has added SF to the usual Freeman contingent, so it seems a bit louder than usual. You won’t get the ‘squeezed middle’ on board with a debt jubilee.


No, not most people. ‘‘borrower did nothing wrong’’ is utterly laughable.

Some people are furious that the banks got bailed out and the reckless goons at the head of the banks got off scot-free for the most part. Some people can also see that for society to continue to function we need banks and for banks to continue to function they need people to pay back the money they owe them. Some people can hold these two thoughts in their heads simultaneously.

Some other people think the bailout now means no-one ever has to pay a loan back to a bank, ever, or they can pick and choose when and how much to pay back, or at what age to stop paying perhaps?



Whoa there one minute, the banks got taxpayer discounts on the properties they are evicting people from.Should they obtain/retain things they dont fully pay for? Bullshit.

People shouldnt get to keep things they dont fully pay for and neither should the banks. But if we are giving out discounts and footing the bill then why the hell not give it to the borrowers - its all equally as wrong.


That burnt out house doesn’t look like a discount bargain to me.


It is necessary to rank transgressions simply because you get more bang for your buck going after the more valuable transgressors first. Evict and sell a farm in roscommon versus a mansion in Dublin etc etc?