Eviction turns to violence in Strokestown Co. Roscommon


to be fair your allegations of obfuscation and requests for evidence ring hollow when reading your last few posts.


democrat.ie is a rag not a newspaper. The ‘founder’ is not even an NUJ member are they?? I doubt that Gemma is a member either. :slight_smile:

irishexaminer.com/breakingn … 67646.html


we have a lot to thank youtube for,

giving a platform to loons like those two isnt one of them :laughing:


Not that Gemma gives a shite about journalistic standards. :frowning:



what awards has she won :angry:



  1. Is it not the case that a security firm that has been shown to be headed by an ex-UDR (ie a group with verifiable paramilitary links) man was engaged to evict a family from their home, an act that they carried out with excessive force…under the watchful gaze of members of An Garda Siochana?


  1. The only reference to paramilitaries contained within the mainstream media coverage has been that some manner of phantom ‘Dissident’ bogeymen carried out the later revenge attack…a claim that being lapped up and afforded weight by those with, presumably, a vested interest in ensuring that people can be easily removed from dwelling places when the need arises.

It seems that number 1 above is verifiable wiht reference to evidence that has been shared during the course of this thread…whereas number 2 is not… its simply a tired old tactic that harks back to a bygone era.


It is not a bygone era, Gemma and that gobdaw in Strokestown are Trump era fake news 101 merchants.

Were you in any way discerning or intellectually critical as I would wish you were. :frowning:


We cant all be 2Packs


It doesn’t matter what type of publication it is, of interest here is that the gardai saw fit to question him, and that the Garda Press Office intervened in the publishing of events.

As for being a member of NUJ…are you having a laugh? Do you think being a member lends more credibility to the PR most ‘journalists’ here publish? (However, I don’t think the person in question has been through any formal education in the area. Probably a good thing, really. I rarely see any output from any hack in Ireland that suggests we have good journalism training on offer).

Curious, though, that your reaction was to denigrate the person in question rather than focusing on what the gardaí did to him, and why.


So you pair’s beliefs is that this is ok, based on them not being NUJ members, not rating their publications and track record etc.

Out of interest, is this what you actually think seriously ?

Or is it just knee-jerk hard-chaw commentary utilising whatever mud was in your mind about them.


i would be disinclined to believe his version of events, its very much in his interest to exaggerate it.


I’ll explain it simply.

Anyone who thinks Gemma is a “journalist” is starting off a shilling short of sixpence. :smiley:


on point 1 i have no idea, and not sure what it matters what his background really only to stir up some ridiculous republican sentiment against a lawful eviction. Also i dont believe excessive force is proven either.

i was referring to your reference to joint ownership of the property etc


Based on local reports, his version of events is a hell of a lot closer to reality than the reportage in the national media. This may not be what you would like to believe but the truth and belief are not always the same thing.


i was referring to his interaction with the gardai


Apparently it wasn’t a fully lawful eviction - but don’t let that get in the way of your bias



dont let that get in the way of your bias?

sure… :angry:


I made that point in response to suggestions of gombeenery, possible non-payment of vets fees etc on the part of the family alleged by another poster ie rumour mill stuff.

My response was to refer to other rumours doing the rounds on social media which are every bit as verifiable ie not verifiable at all…thus far at least…


Like I said earlier, there are direct consequences to all this serial nutjobbery, and thuggery, and a chronic and ongoing lack of credit is one such consequence. :frowning:


Oh I agree with you in a way. That was proven years ago. Anyone who calls to Martin Callinan’s door to ask about cancelling penalty points is not an Irish “journalist” within your meaning of the word. Irish “journalists” don’t do that.

I heard Ciaran Malooley on the 9 o’clock news a couple of nights in a row. He really excelled ! Now there’s a “journalist” I know you’ll trust to get to the bottom of things :laughing:
Pounds, shillings and pence. And I’m sure his father was a good man too, God rest him !