Eviction turns to violence in Strokestown Co. Roscommon



Standard schtick.

Tom Gilmartin’s wife.
Maurice McCabe etc

Theres a pattern here.


I was referring to her more modern career as the non thinking mans version of Katie Hopkins. :frowning:


A come on, are you telling me Jerry Beades and Mattie McGrath are different people. I always though Beades was a pseudonym…

It they (assuming a they) had any brains they would have occupied the Blanchardstown branch in the shopping centre and sorted themselves out for Christmas.
Surprised to see Carol Nolan there, guess this is the done think as an independent TD


I see the bauld Ben Gilroy is passed off as a ‘yellow vest hero’ now. He made a speech outside the Dail at the end of the Gilet Jaune gathering last Saturday.

Immediately discredits any attempt at a Gilet Jaune movement in Ireland before it even gets going.


God, he’s hard to watch. All that stuff about thanking the small people :unamused:
Erm, who elected you spokesperson for the jilted generation?


The view from Roscommon…

roscommonpeople.ie/news/48-n … edia-elite


In fairness, this one is quite imaginative…

independent.ie/irish-news/n … 43527.html

I suppose its not beyond the bounds of possibilities that the Russians might get a run out before the end of the week…


that is some horse manure, the ruthlessness of a 7 year eviction, if thats ruthless i cant imagine what benign looks like,

dublin media elite, jesus wept


I presume the all knowledgeable Roscommon Peple has evidence to back that up?


This is what happens when Vigilantism is allowed take hold

Fire damages KBC bank building in Dublin city centre
Scene of fire at KBC bank preserved for examination
irishtimes.com/news/crime-a … -1.3739223



Thats what happens when vaccuums are allowed fester.

Unfortunately we’ve had a multi-faceted vaccuum festering in Ireland for most of the past decade.


I`d even go so far as to say its what happens when some of the pillars of democracy fail. Justice being the case here or at least the perception of justice


Personally i always suspected the Russians
Who knows there might even have been a Fakebook account which incited the Nordies to take over the house and another to incite the locals/others to riot


Do people not realise how many cameras are around Dublin city centre ?


Another item to add to the costs borne by people who actually paying their mortgages. Defaulters are already “costing them €250 per month”. And another one of the few remaining foreign lenders in Ireland who may be reviewing their position.


Are you inferring a false flag? :nin


Shape the narrative, divide the people, keep them at each others throats, distract from the actions at the top because heavens above if the concept of “moral hazard” actually clicked with most of the population.


The last thing tptb wanted was this to become a topic centre stage at post Christmas dinner discourse across the land but somehow I think they’ve jumped the shark on this one and there is no putting back the propaganda genie in the bottle.




amp.independent.ie/irish-news/p … 04197.html

Debt 44k per capita what was it before the bank bailout?


What’s your point?

Most people are paying their own mortgages as well as shouldering this public debt.

A select few should default on their speculative debts and hold onto their assets? So that this can be picked up by the rest?

Bankruptcy is now ridiculously short in Ireland.

Do you think they should eat their cake and still have it?

I see you making vague points about blanket debt forgiveness (or is that just for violence/sob stories?). You need to read up on bank reserves and appreciate what needs to happen for bank reserves to be wiped out.