Ex-bank chief queries regulator's role in €7bn Anglo funds

Er, sorry, I meant “Ex-bank chief queries regulator’s role in €7bn Anglo funds”


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Anglo plays 'em, CB tracks 'em, and Casey talks 'em down, oh wait shit no that was one of the other pirates, Casey Kasem wasn’t it??

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This is a big story. If it becomes accepted that the Government and its agencies were central to Irish banks cooking the books, we’ll appear a little Greek.

This seems unbelievable:

Casey is a central figure. How the hell do the investigators contrive not to interview him for 17months?

So is this the new soundtrack for Denis and the boys ?


pity it wasn’t



Says it all. Mother of all Cover-ups? Can’t see how it isn’t. Hope we haven’t heard the last of the “Green Jersey Agenda.” Allowed that dumbo’esque(Neary/Hurley) double act to continue their-“banks are well capitalized” dissembling. The Green Jersey Agenda eh. Watch out as it rips the shirt off your back

Mentioned on irisheconomy.ie: the most disturbing implication of this statement is that the investigation is complicit in the cover up.

Do we now need to investigate the investigation?

Don’t forget that the original cover-up was the bank guarantee and NAMA. In that these actions protected a system that was on the point of collapse under the weight of its own wrong-doing.

(eg. excessive rent-seeking, profit-seeking and usury; utilising PR and marketing to sell overpriced, illusory tat and trophy goods whose value to the general economy dissipated in a very short time; excessive commissions and salaries to politicians, middle-men and the well-connected; allowing patronage to run riot in the city and county councils and quangos; paying exorbitant fees to insider consultancy firms like PWC, KPMG, Cox; the list goes on and on…).

What is happening now is that these investigations are setting terms of reference that draw attention away from looking into the reason that the original cover-up was engendered, and the interests that were behind that original cover-up.

So, as I said a few days ago on another thread, what we are dealing with here is the ‘cover-up of the cover-up’.

Agreed roc with regard to “cover up of the cover up.” If Casey continues to sing however, it’ll eventually make the position of Langers, Cowen and the rest of the FFkers untenable. Harder to muddy those waters. Betcha he’ll be shut up. The fact that he hasn’t been interviewed by the Garda yet says everything that needs to be said about this septic isle. Wouldn’t have liked to be one of those suckers who bought shares in Anglo on the strength of Neary and Hurley’s spin. A serious business. Not a fan of the opposition but FFkers have to go.Benevolent Dictatorship might be the only answer. Anything would be an improvement at this stage

The banks were asked to help one another in a time of crisis . They moved money around and engaged in swift of hand accounting . The shock of it all . I think I need to sit down . Does anybody really think that the DOF , Central bank were not up to their necks in this already ?

At this stage a couple of FF Ministers could be caught red handed carrying out a armed robbery at some post office and they would still remain in office .

But why rob a bank if they can just fax in another expense claim theft from the yacht?? :sick:

More important than that though is that it remains government policy.

Neary gets all the bad press but we need to go back further than Neary…this mess goes back to 2004 at least

No mention of this on rte tonight.

DoF, Central bankers and a few govt ministers are probably trying to contact Casey tonight to retract and go and live abroad for a few years. When he comes back they promise to give a nice big government contract to whatever consultancy he would be attached to.

It goes further back than that, the central bank has become a retirement home for DoF mandarins and an intellectual wasteland of economists all conspiring to preserve the status quo of the establishment. → herald.ie/opinion/columnists … 22588.html

web.archive.org/web/200711271313 … lvency.pdf

In this case the Irish regulator adopted it’s own “lazy fare” model of regulation, i.e. collect the inflated salaries and free lunches (the fare) while sending out some letters every now and again expressing concern about the miscreants and would the be so minded as to behave, (Liam O’Reilly & INBS) never following through (laziness)

thepost.ie/themarket/the-inq … 49799.html