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I’ve been reading the Pin for years now, after emigrating in 2003 to the US and selling up in 2005, I’ve been looking in from the outside through this forum. Where is everyone at? please post the year you emigrated or if you intend to.

Incomplete option list, no option for those of us in Kiwiland. And no, Oz isn’t “the same” :imp:

I’m going native already LOL :laughing:

Are Middle Eastern countries not all in either Asia or Africa (apart from Israel of course which is in Europe as we know from watching soccer and the Eurovision)?

Me, been an ex-pat since '89 apart from 5 years in the 90’s. Now live in Portugal - not in the Denis O’Brien sense - my house is ordinary and I don’t play golf.

Last time I left was in 2002. Back in Ireland 3 weeks. Not sure how long I will last. Weather is getting to me amongst other things.

I miss friends and family but I do not miss the Irish weather and the lack of sunlight.

Left in 2007 for China, moved to Belgium 2008 and still here. Returning ‘next year’ - although I’ve been saying that for a few years now…

Moved fully a year ago to France. No intentions of going back. Moved for weather and it makes such a huge difference.

Don’t really consider myself an ex-pat though I have an Irish passport. We live half the year in the US and the other half in Spain.

Moved to London in 2004, now in Kent but still working in London.

One of the things that convinced me of the property bubble in Ireland was when the house we were living in Greenwich (Charlton side) was worth less than a friends house in Cork (roughly the same size/number of bedrooms)

In France since 2001. Didn’t really have a plan to stay that long, but it’s how things have worked out. The weather where I am (a bit south of Paris) is not fantastic, but it’s a whole lot better than Dublin.

Moved myself and family to a tropical island off Africa last year and at the moment commute over to West Africa to work five weeks out of every eight. Love the lifestyle (and weather) but may move to the south of France in a few years time to be nearer family.

Moved back 3 years ago. Wish I hadn’t, but don’t fancy uprooting the kids all over again.

Moved back to Ireland in 2000 after 16 years in Saudi/UK (man and boy…).

Woke up one morning in 1998 to discover that the country had left me. It took several years for it to properly dawn on me. Everyone was speaking a different language, mostly consisting of arcane terms to do with property. The currency seemed to be different too, because even though I earned the same amount as them, they seemed to be able to afford fancy cars and holidays that I couldn’t justify on my budget. Also, they seemed less hospitable and more crass than the Irish.

Left for the London three days after 9/11. Had reached a ceiling in Ireland where I couldn’t go any higher without putting another 10 years graft in and / or waiting for senior managers to pop their clogs.

Had intended to stay for 3 years, but life overtook - married a local, kid a couple of years ago.

I still have a great interest in Irish affairs, but it’s waned significantly since our son was born. I did get a fierce bout of home sickness about 2 years ago, just after he was born, but it’s passed now thankfully.

If we move again - and we may - it won’t be back to Ireland.

Ain’t that the truth. 1998 was the real turning point - I spent that year in Boston and the country I came back to in early 1999 was unrecognisable from the place I’d left 12 months before. I should have left again around 2001 or so in hindsight, but it took me another feckin wasted decade of frustration to finally accept I wasn’t living in a country that I recognised…or even liked.

For me it was 2001/02. thought I’d get out for a while 04, came back in 05 and never truly settled back in. I thought the bust might rebalance things somewhat but the bank guarantee and the small amount of protest blew that notion out of the water.

Yes, nothing really changes


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The madness is returning

so apt :smiley:

Moved to the south of France in 1998 for the weather and a man, though not necessarily in that order! Sometimes I miss the paddywhackery, but visit frequently enough to obtain just about enough to get my fix.

As has been pointed out by others, the weather in Ireland is terribly depressing and for that reason moving back permanently is not on the cards at least for the present.