Ex-Pats on the site.


I go home regularly. The place is still very much in denial.
Weather here in Heidelberg is very agreeable and everything is much more civilised.



don’t go back


So the whole continent of South America gets thrown in with USA I guess, what imperialiest came up with this survey, ha!

Latin America for 15 years on and off, mostly on for the past 10, love Irleand and will visit this summer, got interested in property in Ireland as was involved in a small scale in the later 90’s, got out as quick a spossible in 2000 but could nto believe what happened thereafter.
Prefer the ex-pat life by far


Am I the only one here who doesn’t much mind the weather?

Anyway, I’m one of those Irish-resident expats, but that’s because I’m not Irish. :laughing:


Was part of the last great exit - leaving for London in 86. Living outside Philadelphia for the last 10 years, will stay here at least till kids finish college, after that who knows.


Weather is great especially for water sports like kayaking and windsurfing!
After leaving England 4 years ago i don’t think i could go back


Moved to NY four years ago: was on the cards as my girl friend was from the US. I expected some kind of downturn in Ireland and thought at some stage I might be able to return. That idea has well and truely been blown out of the water.
My wife wouldn’t live in Ireland mainly because of the weather and amenities for children.


Ireland’s weather is enormously better than New York’s.

We don’t get subarctic winters and sweltering summers as a matter of course.


The winters are manageable if you wrap up and they are good at dealing with the snow quickly, but late spring into autumn is usually great, but the humidity is a killer like this last week we’ve been having. I prefer it over the wet season and wetter season of Ireland though. She’s from California where we may end up and where she’s from the winters are mild.
One thing I do miss is the lone evenings in Ireland, a nice stretch of good weather where it doesn’t get dark until 10.30 is amazing.


Fair enough. It’s all a matter of personal taste and my post was a bit tongue in cheek, tbf.
In North America, I think I could deal with the west coast from SF to Vancouver, but that would be about it. I like my weather mild and consistent. :slight_smile:

I don’t mind high humidity, but don’t like it to be too hot and really, really loathe sub zero temperatures.


That smiley threw me, my wife despises Irish weather; the amount of rain almost depresses her.


No worries. I genuinely meant the smiley from my perspective, but know full well that I’m in a minority. :laughing:


Left in 86 for Canada and have been here ever since.


There’s an astonishing number of current or former expats on this forum. Maybe the Pinster viewpoint is informed by having gone away from Ireland for a time? Are we less tolerant of bullshit, petty corruption and shure-it’s-grand thinking having seen more mature countries at work? I know I am.


Returned ex-pat. Many years spent in SF and NYC.


I would hold the opposite view. Having lived in more, less and equally “mature” countries, I feel I have seen enough to help me put Irish corruption and shennanigans into perspective. Some see this as relativism, and I’ve had a few disagreements around here with those who portray Ireland as being extraordinarily corrupt. It’s not. That doesn’t mean I approve of corruption, though I would admit to having shed some idealism (naivety?) along the way.


Amazed at the generally poor quality of housing that people seem willing to throw loads of money at. No one seems willing to demand quality - in either the property or the process.


It would be interesting to see who went the furthest away. Kiwiland is the best candidate. I know we have someone in Wellington. Anyone in Christchurch or Dunedin?

Of course real kudos would go to any pinsters who got as far as the Big Dead Place a.k.a. Antarctica…


About as far away as you can get from Ireland plus the one place in the world guaranteed to never have a property bubble.


Left in 85 for Canada now in the USA, was back and forth over the years thought the place mightily changed.
Still believe Irish property prices are mad even compared to Canada which as noted elsewhere is in bubble territory.


I’m not an ex-pat so I didn’t vote, but when I first clicked on the thread, it said “where are you now”. I nearly selected Ireland. I’d guess non-ex-pats have voted Ireland because that’s where they are and this may have skewed the numbers a little / a lot