Ex-Pats on the site.


Perth is full of Aberdonians!


Left Ireland in 2011 decision was made for me really(I was made redundant). I fancied a change in career and moved laterally in the engineering sector. I used the redundancy payment to fund a MSc in engineering in a UK university as Irish universities were not correlating with what was occurring in industry.

I was promptly hired by a multinational during my MSc and started 2 weeks after handing up my thesis :slight_smile: . Money and opportunities are far better than at home. I have the opportunity to work on international projects which I plan on doing to gaining significant experience with and possibly returning in 10 years…ish. Some doors are already open to me as I have worked in the Middle East in the past.

I will watch the property market with interest and see what happens. My opinion is that property has a while fall yet from what I can see and from an economist report I read. Never know if the price was right I could buy and rent until I am ready/have a well paying job but I dont expect that to happen for a few years yet.

Regards the prices I have seen for renovation properties I cannot see how people are parting with their hard earned considering the significant amount of money required to renovate them to decent standard.