Examiner: Banks break the logjam

The Spring selling season must be upon us. Talk about trying to drum up business and convince us all that now is a good time.

irishexaminer.com/irishexami … qqqx=1.asp

From above article:

and the very next line:

For fucks sake do some people never learn? I think I’m gonna buy a hard copy of this paper and next time someone yaks on about poor young people being suckered into life long mortgages/negative equity I’m gonna slap them with it.

Part of the problem is that their parents are often times involved in the coercion of their own children.
The parents may be as gullible or more likely more gullible than their children.
Remember “Honor your elders” and all that.

Also, how few young wans are willing to not accept the say 29,900 deposit from willing parents?
Dopes the lot of them.
Worse on the parents for being complicit in aiding and abetting the enslavement of their offspring.

Ah, so Mr. Parlon, the last time you said this you were only spoofing? And for sure you aren’t spoofing this time? Cross your heart? Will you really, really die the next time you say it?