Examiner - Housing slowdown to cost €3 billion

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Blue Horseshoe

Our Government is well aware of the implications of the slowdown in property sales. They are already making cutbacks, but there could be a sting in the tale for them for the Leitrim people are already at war with thir county devided in half for electoral puposes.

The Leitrim Ladies are on the march. Methinks Bertie, you have made an almighty blunder.

There is a new awareness of the value of our children now that the Gods of Capitalism are making such a bags of investing our pension money.

I’ve been boggling over that all day. It makes no sense at all.

Homeowners are already struggling to service jumbo mortgages and both parents are now forced to work to meet mortgage payments and ever-increasing food, energy etc. bills. So what do Bertie and the lads decide is the very first thing to do?

Slash support for creches. Yup, that’ll really help get the housing market going again :unamused:

Though somebody somewhere did say that Cowen et al are fully aware of the situation in private, and are intent on engineering a short sharp shock rather than a Japenese-style decade-long slump…personally I think that credits them the whole shower of 'em with far too much cop-on and intelligence.

At this moment in time the leaders of the 2nd richest country on the face of the earth are that full of pomposity that they may just believe that they are in a position to steer the good ship Ireland through the oncoming shitstorm. They’ve grown fat and arrogant to an unprecedented degree over the past decade while surrounded by private operators, paid for with public funds, who massage their over-inflated egos on a daily basis. They have scant regard for an idiot peasantry who hold them accountable for nothing and return them to power irregardless of their incompetence. A belief in their own infallibility is only to be expected at this juncture.

They love Bertie. It’s as simple as that.

The real question is… Does Biffo love Bertie?

Or rather how much?

The legacy is in severe danger of having a nasty post-script written…

Thinking back to last June, its hard to believe the question is even being posed but at this stage its a valid one. Its hard to call but I still see a European exit strategy for the Drumcondra linguist. His legacy is all that matters to him now and I dont think he’d wait around to be pushed. He’ll have seen how things soured for Blair and wont want to go the same route. IMO its just about timing at this stage.

I think Bertie will need to do a Greenspan on it, to save his legacy although I think it may too late already