Examiner: Jury still out on fate of housing market


hahahaha what a sorry bunch, they knew well when they “predicted” prices would rise by 6% that they didnt have a hope in hell.
Disgusting liars.

Exactly, they were hoping it would be “self fullfilling”.

Strange isn’t it.

“The authors of the country’s leading property index”
along with the nations Banks, EA’s, Economists, Politicians and Journalists all working in conjunction with virtually every mainstream media outlet in the country, don’t seem to be able to “talk the market into a recovery”

And yet, apparently, a few people with a couple of websites that are not even read by the vast majority of the general public, can “talk the market down”

So much so that Tom and the CIF have to take out an add campaign (any day now) to correct the “misinformation” being published on various websites.