Examples of lies, deceptions, misdirections and unchecked propaganda in the daily MSM matrix



An example of conflicting representation and absolute mind junk that passes for information on a daily basis in official Ireland and it’s lap dog media.

On March 4th Dr. Varadkar claims in this video on Irish TV, that

“…by the weekend we’ll have given out 500,000th vaccine…”

Yet in this article today it’s the “disappointment” misdirection. However there is this nugget.

According to the latest figures, almost 150,000 people have been fully vaccinated in the country to date.


So which is it, well below, it’s both of course!

Total 1st Dose Vaccines Administered

Total 2nd Dose Vaccines Administered

Total Vaccines Administered

Experimetnal injections delivered, many.

Zero Vaccinated.


From the same article, more of the same magical narrative from a Provid figurehead.

The impact of the vaccine is very positive, and we have seen that in terms of frontline healthcare workers in hospitals and nursing homes in particular and now out in the community,” the Taoiseach said.


Any day and another incredible claim from the house of Provid.


Not so long ago, this evenings most recent top story on breaking news headline more or less matched it’s URL:


Now it’s more than jsut numbers, they are the highest numbers yet!

Possible stage setting for imminent disappointment-frustration. Perhaps. :whistle:

Here is a wider snapshot that is wider than the selective two weeks wording


Date Cases Deaths
Feb 1 1062 10
Feb 2 879 101
Feb 3 1013 94
Feb 4 1318 75
Feb 5 1047 35
Feb 6 827 55
Feb 7 1024 12
Feb 8 829 6
Feb 9 556 68
Feb 10 1006 54
Feb 11 866 52
Feb 12 921 23
Feb 13 1078 66
Feb 14 788 17
Feb 15 821 0
Feb 16 744 33
Feb 17 650 57
Feb 18 901 47
Feb 19 763 28
Feb 20 988 26
Feb 21 679 1
Feb 22 686 1
Feb 23 575 45
Feb 24 574 56
Feb 25 613 35
Feb 26 776 29
Feb 27 738 13
Feb 28 612 6
Mar 1 687 1
Mar 2 369 14
Mar 3 566 25
Mar 4 462 39
Mar 5 522 9
Mar 6 539 14
Mar 7 525 3
Mar 8 437 0
Mar 9 311 30
Mar 10 631 47

Some days no one died.
Some days almost no one died.
Some days a few died.
Some days more than a few died.
Some days over 100 died.
Some days almost 100 died.
Some days over 50 died.
Some days less than 50 died.
Some days less than 1000 died and less than 3 million cases were registered.
Some days are better than others.
Some days nphet told me there would be days like this.


Like clockwork:

Todays morning goalpost & gaslight, with the theme: “Hands tied”

It is true. Their hands are tied but not like they say.

Not enough people willing to submit to being a human guniea pig for an untested experimental injection that could kill them? I wonder why… hey let’s raise that dangling holiday-carrot a little higher.

We should expect the "It's time to talk about your holidays" pep-talk form one of the Provid trolls.


Which TDs - if any - oppose vaccination against covid?


Many I would imagine, none will state publicly.


Wrong question:

How many TD’s supported and continue to support the current and coercive mass experiment on the Irish people that has already killed family members and reduced HSE capacity (as predicted) and will most likely cause all kinds of potenitally unforeseen complications in the Irish population that will see long term illness and quality of life collapse for many people?


There’s very few, maybe these ones:
Michael McNamara TD (Clare)
Mattie McGrath TD (Tipperary)
Luke Flanagan MEP (Midlands NW)
Sen Rónán Mullen (NUI)

Anyone spotted any others?


Feb 10th Anti-Irishtimes carries unadulterated propoganda, the headline is a screamer but the first paragraph is a total howler with the end game outlined.

In case you missed it the author, Michael Wolf has been a regular Bilderberg attendee since 1999, probably chums with all the Fine Gael boys and girls like Simon Coveney, an anti-irish politician replacing you with strangers who will know their place.

So easy to spot these shills. So easy. Too easy really. Easy peasy Lemon Squeezy.


Since the virus knows no frontiers, it cannot be under control anywhere unless it is under control everywhere. The alternative is for us to remain inside national prisons indefinitely.

Maybe someone should remind them that all viruses do eventually burn out, if this wasn’t the case, the “Spanish Flu” would still be rippling around the globe today.

Once the virus is burnt out, then those countries that did avoid major outbreaks can open up as with no carriers there is no risk. In fact it is probably correct to say that the flip-flopping between various (mostly inadequate) containment measures is only slowing down the rate at which it will burn out.


Propaganda/PR is not a rational argument.

It’s a system that is designed to manipulate the relatively irrational portion of the population which is approx 80%, it’s a battering ram of cybernetic proportions.

Therefore, there is no point in giving it the time of day, other than call it out:





We know it is thus because the Government are having to pay to keep the daily drone going - If the media was vibrant and acting as free agents of truth, the media would report it wholesale and faithfully, but no, it’s marketing, it’s a daily maelstrom of PR releases everyday.

Junkie media sits and rehashes “expert said x expert said y”, like a drooling dogs waiting for covid morsels their master.

Always remember - Repetition is the most basic form of mind control.

It’s cheap. It’s easy. It works.


What Losing Looks Like

…Dr Dunne feels the main danger of conspiracy theories in Ireland is that they help to spread disinformation, and could even prolong pandemic and lockdown if they’re not addressed.

“There is a broad need to educate the public on the tactics used by those who peddle disinformation,” he said. There’s a real risk that this conspiracy aspect could actually prolong lockdown and the pandemic."

So the above disinformation appeared only to be rather quickly and poetically replaced by the AstraZeneca injection scandal that sees 1 in 5 Irish people being given a dodgy injection by the Irish government and being sold as “temporarily” stopped, that’s after the media burned a few days with false dilemma of supply issues with huffing’ and puffin’ while the rest of the world had already hit the breaks.


Everyone should read that piece forensically.
Learn the tricks.
Learn the whisper of the snake.
Learn the craft.
Learn subversive reasonings.

This hitpiece particularly pulls the experts-card, an appeal to authority, regime shills masquerading as experts dispensing 2-bit phoney baloney.

To distil the message:

People who question official thinking are not simply wrong but dangerous people and directly contribute to the hardship off your punishment, they are a personal health danger to you and a direct threat to us all.

This is a classic technique of tyrannical regimes, offset the blame by pinning blame for the source of the burden using projecting onto a well characterised straw-man, so that village may shame, possibly even attack, ostracise even kill the target.


“There are various tactics that conspiracy theorist groups use to spread disinformation and get people to buy into a narrative.

“One of the most consistent ones, even before Covid-19, has been over living in an era of alternative facts and ‘fake news’…

If you read the above properly you’ve jsut been told you are reading dis-information. Nobody can see you blush behind the keyboard (except the NSA and FB) so you don’t have to keep a straight face. More paint by numbers output in your daily media manipualation matrix.


“There are various tactics that media groups use to spread disinformation and get people to buy into a narrative.

“One of the most consistent ones, even before Covid-19, has been over living in an era of alternative facts and ‘fake news’…

In short, don’t send your children to any Irish College or Universities or at least do due diligence.

Many are indoctrination camps and centres for radicalisation.


Participatory Propaganda, “You can’t win if you’re not in…”

Mar 12th

…The vaccine queue calculator… :icon_rolleyes:

Perhaps it’s a more efficient version of this?


An additional mRNA Consumption option would be welcome. :thinking:

I also heard the National Lottery are currently in talks with Pfizer, seeking a distribution contract, something about a wheel of fortune or spinning wheel delivery system. Utilising their network of essential local shops and supermarkets as ticketing agents to manage the queuing system. They’ve decades of expertise in such matters.


Agenda Driven Misdirection

On a day when all heads of the Provid Regime should be out explaining to everyones granny why they need to offer themselves up for science in a grand experiment where they stand to be the lucky recipient of a potenitally life ending injection now or later, as have 1 in 5 already received - we see the warm up of the usual GAME and look over there not here stories with an aim to put SF in the hot seat because the FF/FG are all used up now that the public know the score.

Nicely kept in the back pocket, to capitalise on until point of greater dissent - so as the Provid Regime feel the heat lets move away from the injections killing people en mass and back to some poltical-sport to keep peoples eyes off the ball.

Once FF/FG are fully used up might we expect to see a snap GE called, masterfully like the last one? I mean if you knew what was coming, and people did, many knew what was coming then don’t be surprised, but what about social distancing at the polls… oh that will be a fun topic for dialy-watercooler, think of all the articles and coverage and How-To’s Vote in the Time of Covid, maybe we;'ll get a national mail-invite system rushed through, and how Brave, remember how Brave the First Female Taoiseach will be, it will take a woman to unite Ireland once again. Men only fought and destroyed and kept us divided. Bastard patriarchy. How dare they not let us kill their unborn children in the womb. That’s important too. Remember all the good things about the future already decided, they are nice, safe things, lots of safe things, no more dangerous divisions, safety first… that is the way new, the future is safe!

If you do not understand how powerful MASKS are - Learn about the most powerful MASKS and how they are used to manipulate you and your innate and conditoned perceptions like you are a child.

Be Free from the Tyranny of Make-Believe.


Super InfoDemic

Here is a great example of some unchecked Event201 2019 content and themes appearing in 2021 daily Irish media, this time thejournal under the authorship of a “Dr. Jane Suitor”, masquerading as an opinion piece, the timing of which is hardly coincidence.

The opening paragraph is a dead give away that the author is shilling for the event

Jan 4th, 2021

Opinion: We are drawn to negative emotions like fear - and the infodemic exploits that

THE WORLD IS suffering from twin pandemics: a global health pandemic in the form of Covid-19; and an information pandemic, or ‘infodemic’ as the World Health Organisation (WHO) calls it. While a vaccine is on the way to tackle the former, the latter is threatening to undermine the vaccination programme globally.

Conspiracy-theory narratives

Against this, the COVID-19 pandemic provided additional fuel for the fire. For example, QAnon, the conspiracy movement that the FBI has described as a domestic terror threat, produced viral anti-vax and anti-mask videos that spread like wildfire in the US and elsewhere. Shane Creevy of Kinzen, which monitors disinformation, has seen contact between leading Irish misinformation superspreaders and QAnon promoters like Amazing Polly, with all of them disseminating similar conspiracy-theory narratives.

Initially these narratives linked 5G and Covid-19 and masts were burnt in some places. To a large extent, those claims have died away. But other claims have remained more tenacious. In research FuJo conducted in June, some 35% of Irish people believed that the virus was manufactured in a lab and deliberately released.

Read more here - https://archive.is/7jWFW

As you can see this is exactly the same as the more recent copy-and-paste output from a few more university based useful-idiot-experts as previously posted here

It is not irony, no no, these boys and girls are using projection.

The use of FEAR and BLIND TERROR has been the hallmark of this event since the beginning and it has been used in a systematic manner by governments across the world via the pied-piper media matrix who flipped the switch one day and went into 24/7 Attack Of The Virus - this is WAR level Coverage activity - the ratcheting up of restrictions and penalties began well after the fact, i.e. the horse having already bolted, and did so to deal with the inevitable fatigue and waning FEAR levels as people saw through the bullshit, enabled by acts of law to push the FEAR event into a new phase or arena, under the theme of FEAR of STATE i.e. Fear of Authority.

The next phase of this will probably be the Fear of the UNINJECTED (fear of the outsider/unkonw, so a rinse and repeat of the opening asymptomatic play) once a critical mass injected figures is achieve, circa 70/80% (Irish Gov Target by Sept. 2021).

This was already covered here back in Feb 2021, the study and planning was in place to deal with a sceptical and untrusting population in the face of a rushed experimental injection drive by governments which is now killing people as warnings indicated.

Here is the full content of the 2019 pdf.


Prepared by Marc Trotochaud and Divya Hosangadi

Effective communication during public health events can be critical to public health response efforts. Public health messages help inform the public about risks and protective actions and, done correctly, are a critical component of community engagement and the buildup of public trust. Yet, true information about public health concerns is increasingly competing with false messages that can damage public confidence in health interventions and health authorities. These false messages are often defined as misinformation, erroneous information shared through various channels, and disinformation, purposefully spread false or misleading information. The information environment is increasingly made up of a mix of information coming from web sources and other media, in addition to historical sources such as print and TV news media. However, the influence of social media has made the spread of false information even more pernicious.

Over the past 15 years, there has been a global surge in the adoption of social media technologies. In 2019, 6 social media companies had more than 1 billion active monthly users.1 Although originally designed for virtual engagement with personal networks, social media platforms have grown rapidly to share major roles in the economy and the transfer of information. According to the Pew Research Center, social media officially outpaced print newspaper as a source of news among the entire United States population.2 Furthermore, across countries, regardless of a nation’s socioeconomic status, younger populations rely even more heavily on social media as a news source.3

Disinformation campaigns are widely recognized in the political world but have been identified in the public health realm as well. In the fall of 2018, a team of researchers systematically identified a concerted effort to spread disinformation and discord about vaccine safety.4 Public health response efforts for the currently ongoing Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) have been challenged by disruptive rumors that have occasionally targeted public health responders.5,6 Misinformation during a public health emergency is a particularly concerning threat, because of the time-dependent nature of outbreak response and the corrosive effect misinformation can have on public trust. Current solutions to the spread of mis- and disinformation are limited. Social media platforms have attempted to change their algorithms to limit the spread of false

…information and promote correct information, but the problem of misinformation continues.7,8 Many misinformation response actions have been developed to be used against political misinformation and disinformation but may be applied in response to an epidemic. More than 50 countries globally have taken different government-led actions that, in theory, aim to combat misinformation.9 These actions can range from media literacy campaigns and fact-checking websites to more extreme measures, such as jailing users for publishing content deemed to be misinformation. In some cases, authorities have shut down social media sites or the internet entirely.10-12

However, censoring social media content and denying a population access to the internet has serious consequences. In addition to ethical considerations, there is mounting evidence to suggest that there are serious economic consequences to shutting down the internet. According to the Indian Council for Research on International Economic relations, the estimated 16,000 hours of international internet shutdown in India resulted in around US$3 billion in economic losses.12

Misinformation and disinformation are likely to be serious threats during a public health emergency. Unfortunately, thus far, there are limited ways to control the propagation of misinformation, leading to potentially draconian methods to manage this problem.


  1. Most famous social network sites worldwide as of July 2019, ranked by number of active users (in millions). Statista. https://www.statista.com/statistics/272014/global-social-networks- ranked-by-number-of-users/. Accessed October 14, 2019.
  2. Shearer E. Social media outpaces print newspapers in the U.S. as a news source. Pew Research Center Global Attitudes & Trends December 10, 2018. https://www.pewresearch.org/fact- tank/2018/12/10/social-media-outpaces-print-newspapers-in-the-u-s-as-a-news-source/. Accessed October 14, 2019.
  3. Mitchell A, Simmons K, Matsa KE, Silver L. People in poorer countries just as likely to use social media for news as those in wealthier countries. Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes & Trends January 11, 2018. https://www.pewresearch.org/global/2018/01/11/people-in- poorer-countries-just-as-likely-to-use-social-media-for-news-as-those-in-wealthier-countries/. Published January 11, 2018. Accessed October 14, 2019.
  4. Broniatowski DA, Jamison AM, Qi S, et al. Weaponized health communication: Twitter bots and Russian trolls amplify the vaccine debate. Am J Public Health 2018;108(10):1378-1384.

Coronavirus 2020

As if by magic, we have seen multiple articles regarding mis-information and dis-information percolating through the the daily media matrix in Ireland in 2021, right as they roll out the experimental mass injection phase of the plan which is totally inline with the Event201 2019 thinking, which was a LARP, or a Live Action Rolle Play of the 2020 Attack of the Virus, which may be set to peak end of 202, clue being Event 201(21) - get ready!

All this output is designed to undermined your own critical thinking.
Overload you with repetitive suggestive thoughts for the day.
Keep people locked in the fear mind.
A tyrannical repetition of endless experts who talking down as the new priest tier of society.

Here is how the good Dr signed off on her OPINION piece, a little directive to all the good journos’ out there to (not)think.

…It is also vital that journalists think about how they report on vaccines, particularly any claims about side-effects or health complications. The anti-vaccine movement will exploit these stories even if there is no proven link to vaccination. Claims of this sort already derailed the HPV vaccine. There is hope, it is just vital that we go on this journey together.

Shills always be Shillin’

In case you are wondering who is Dr Jane Suitor and what is she an expert of?

Academic biography

Jane Suiter is Professor in the School of Communications, her research focus is on the information environment in the public sphere and in particular on scaling up deliberation and tackling disinformation.

Jane is director of DCU’s Institute for Future Media, Democracy and Society and is PI on H2020 ICT28 Provenance, a multimillion interdisciplinary project to combat disinformation and PI on JOLT a Marie Curie ITN on harnessing digital technologies in communication. She is also leading a new project on countering COVID-19 disinformation and the potential role of deliberation.

Read more here - https://archive.is/YbV3R

A spook or useful-idiot-copy-and-paste-expert? Whichever, they seem to be nicely funded via the blackhole that is the educational sector. Always ready and waiting to be activated into action.


Professor Suiter/Suitor’s problem is she has expertise in countering covid disinformation but has no expertise in identifying what that disinformation may or may not be.

She first has has to be instructed by others about the nature and extent of disinformation items before she can swing her expertise into action.

Should she be misinformed about the disinformation, her expertise could take her into uncharted territory from which there may be no possibility to backtrack


IT today, quality mind-programming byline injected using the “expert” vector:

‘The more we come together, the more the virus spreads,’ Prof Martin Cormican warns

Src: https://archive.is/3xsYq

Divide and Conquer.


She is a media studies left-wing loony ultra woke…


So everything she disagrees with or runs counter to her political world view is “mis-information”.

In other words a totalitarian menace. The real enemy of liberal democracy.


Watch how the Boulder shooting story is played in the media.

Strangest mass shooting ever. Here is a live video stream from the scene as it happened.

The first few mins are the interesting bit. Totally different from other live shooter scenes.

And the perp seems to be even odder. If the current name is correct.


Will this feature at the Oscars?