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Lying “Fact Checkers” and the lies they tell…Example No 14217…

Just saw a very funny “Fact Check”. The “Fact Check” said it was false that electric car owner were asked to not charge their cars when the California electric grid was on the point of collapse during the recent heatwave. Except that is exactly what the Flex Alert said. It asked that all high load electric appliances, especially EV charging, not to be used during peak demand hours 6pm to 10pm.

What make this “fact check” funny is that this kind of load shedding alert is very familiar to the locals. You get them during natural disasters, during very extreme weather, both hot and cold, or when one of the major distribution links goes down. Most people comply for the simple reason that they know that it greatly lowers the probability that their particular neighborhood will go brown / black if the electric company starts serious load shedding. Its the high load areas that get knocked offline first.

But of course the $15 / hour “fact checker” would know nothing about any of this.



Carpe Diem!


@ Open _Window - So now this???

Syphilis outbreak declared in Ireland

Can someone connect the dots?


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Social Media strikes again.

Dear Friends:

The censorship on social media is completely out of control. The Facebook algorithm now searches images for the words VAERs, OpenVAERS, and/or vaccine and will instantly apply up to 3 warning labels to any post that includes content from this site. Remember these are government reports on a government database that are being censored. Facebook is not censoring misinformation, Facebook is censoring any factual information that contradicts the Pharma narrative. This is racketeering.

Meanwhile these dangerous experimental gene therapies are killing and maiming our fellow citizens.

So we need to find a way around the censorship. Our plan is to go old school. Every Friday we will create a one page PDF that you can print (about 10 copies) at home or send to your nearest copy shop to print. Then we want you to mail the Friday PDF to every one of your elected representatives. That’s right, we’re going to use the mail again! So this means (depending on where you live): your school board, city councilor, mayor, county supervisor, county executive, state representative, state senator, 2 U.S. Senators, 1 House member, and the President. So every Friday you’ll be sending out about 10 letters by mail. It’ll be more impactful if you personalize each letter in some way: have a salutation at the top and sign your name on the bottom, slap a Post-It Note on there saying, “Hey, this is the website I was telling you about!”, highlight something that stood out to you, or write a note in the margins. You get the idea.

You can download and print the first PDF here: Friday OpenVAERS Alert

This is an experiment in democratic participation. But we’re really hoping it will take off. It will be a great day when elected officials have to deal with piles of these letters coming into their office every week – and are forced to face the reality of the harms that they have caused with these experimental gene therapies.

Blessings to all the warrior moms and dads and grandparents. Let’s do this!!!

The OpenVAERS Team

p.s. this is a pretty cool website we just found for looking up all of your elected officials in one go. (You don’t have to mail to all of the judges and such but you certainly can if you wish!) Let us know if there is a better site that we should use in the future.


p.p.s. If you are feeling really inspired you can send the Friday PDF to friends and family too!

Src: https://www.openvaers.com/blog/archived-openvaers-call-to-action-june-25-2021


So, just to be clear… lockdowns etc. are totally absolutely definitely fandabidozy at controlling an airborne Coronavirus, but all this social distancing and increased hand hygiene is doing nothing whatsoever to prevent an outbreak of a spirochaete that require… close contact shall we say…


I think it has more to do with the complete shutdown of all clinical diagnosis and early treatment in the last year. Expect a very large increase in a lot of uncommon / easily treatable diseases in the next year or two. I expect the first serious epidemic of TB for many decades, to give just one example, in the next year or two in the US.


Good point. Untreated cancer and other issues are also rising, along with waiting lists from what I reading and hearing.


There are no lists other than injection lists and testing lists. All other lists were hacked by the peeps in rooskie land. They would show you the email but, you know, rookies hacked.



Former member of Ethics Committee of Research at the World Health Organization



“1500” protesters-there was at least 40,000 in the march.


I will post video evidence later. Maybe 50.


Well RTE “journalists” have always been as thick as bricks so obviously the standard reporter technique of rough visual gridding a crowd is beyond them. You look at a section of street crowd thats about 1K people and look up and down estimate how many grids you can see from your vantage point. I saw at least a good 10K in just the single vantage point 20 sec clip.

A good reporter would start at the front and move back and stop at mid point waiting for the rest of the crowd to pass. That would give the camera guy a good range of shots for the story editor to work with and also give the reporter the best chance to get some usable interview snippets.

But RTE always was an embarrassingly amateurish operation. More like an inept college or high school station. In fact a lot of college stations are far more professional that RTE ever could be.


Broken News Anti Irish Times

It’s sure feels like, weeks, days maybe even hours right Berlin Wall fell or USSR, in media terms and perhaps more. How long will they be able to keep up the pretence. Still peddling the 1500 lie, broken news are still at it.

Far-right activists and anti-vaccine protesters have held a demonstration in Dublin against Covid-19 jabs and ongoing restrictions in Ireland.

Around 1,500 protesters gathered outside Custom House in Dublin, as roads were blocked and traffic forced to a standstill.

Do you know someone close to you, perhpas a friend or family member who holds extreme views?

Protesters held anti-vaccine signs and chanted “freedom” as they walked through the city.

Src: https://archive.is/BHvJK

Oh no they said “freedom”, the brutes… REPORT!

What are the bought and paid for broken “irish” media going to do about FRANCE? :whistle:


FRANCE, Broken News Anti Irish Times Style

This was the opening value add yesterday.

Far-right activists and yellow vest movement march against French virus bill

Far-right activists and members of France’s yellow vest movement are holding protests against a bill requiring everyone to have a special virus pass to enter restaurants and other venues and mandating Covid-19 vaccinations for all health care workers.

Src: https://archive.is/BRyPI

Interestingly broken news managed to connect the massive popular freedom movement as a reaction to the Macron led assault on the French people, being a menace puppet regime, that is no surprise, but the overt attempt to divide a whole society down the middle, between the vaxxed and untaxed, the clean vs the unclean, father against son, mother against daughter etc. etc… it’s kinda biblical these days non?


Good Weather is Bad

:ghost: :ghost::ghost: in control of broadcast comms for long long time, maybe always - enjoy the in your face comms back to master.

RTÉ News boss apologises for broadcaster not linking recent extreme weather events to climate change


Usually in a revolution, the big radio and national broadcaster are the first targets, however if you do it nice and easy then it is not so easy to notice.

Infiltration instead of invasion.

The Great Global Warming Debate


Reality -v- Government Press release