Examples of lies, deceptions, misdirections and unchecked propaganda in the daily MSM matrix



Yep lots of people using the right to be forgotten to stop certain pages appearing in search. Notice come and google removes the links form any search queries. This has been building up over the years to a final solution like Billy boy gates was sayin’

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More Junkie media shillin’ n’spewing from the direction of the Anti-IrishTimes.

As always go to the end of any article first, to get the message and here we see the “expert” sign off of approval. :sleeping:

Until we have more of the population vaccinated, we should be very cautious about opening up and abandoning public health measures, as much as everyone is fed up with the restrictions,” said vaccine specialist Dr Anne Moore, a senior lecturer at UCC’s school of biochemistry.

If one was to metaphorically speak about the ills that prevail and persecute the isle of Ireland, it is as if we have many Country Tom’s out spoiling the broth, not just advising the State, but running it from orbital committees, councils, and NGO’s - sure it’s the greatest little Country of DR. Tom’s, Dr Dick’s & Dr. Harriette’s (who identifies as a leading economist) in the world.

More than one Country Tom is unsustainable.


Now that Dr Vardakar star is on the wane, now for some perfectly timed political-puff pieces exploding across your daily msm staring the loveable whipper snapper who saved the country now braves the online world by signing up to TikTok - perhaps the plan is to dance the nation to recovery.

1 Million Views!




Jesus christ, cyberbullying politicians is a public service at this stage. I long for the “wild west” days of the open internet(aka five or six years ago), the weak should fear the strong!


More like 9/10+ year ago, or longer, but yea 2015 was a real turn and ramp up!

Big Tech is hold up on Treasure Island so it could only go one way. Ted knew the score.


As predicted nearly a week ago here, the targeting and widening net is being cast, with many many many carrots of your old life being angled before you.

A Chorus of CALLS…

Commercial Representative groups in CALL FOR EXACTLY NEXT STAGE OF GOV PLAN - SHOCKER!

Classic Manufactured demand moves.


Restaurant Association calls for Government to provide vaccination targets


Ireland’s biggest cinema chain hoping to offer vaccine-only screenings


Hairdressers propose reopening for vaccinated people

Like little bunny rabbits in your cages they toss you some paint-by-number carrots and pretend they are not following the exact model as Israel.



We are truly fucked. I got some lovely propaganda in the door from our local FG TD saying stuff like MYTH: the vaccine can cause fertility issues. FACT: the vaccine causes no fertility issues. I mean really. How can they have possibly ascertained that in the few months they’ve been testing them. It’s so blatant now. One can only hope the systemic collapse comes sooner rather than later because the people in control are psychopaths.


If you know what this is.

Then you know what this is.

:crocodile: :droplet: :droplet: :droplet:

There is only one playbook.


Didn’t see this one from about a week ago. (Complaint against the BBC for broadcasting incorrect information about Covid in Children’s hospital upheld.)



The broadcast included the following comments by the interviewee (the substance of which was also posted on Twitter by the programme-makers): “We have children who are coming in. It was minimally affecting children in the first wave. We have a whole ward of children here and I know that some of my colleagues are in the same position where they have whole wards of children with Covid”.

The following day, the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health issued a statement which said “As of now we are not seeing significant pressure from COVID-19 in paediatrics across the UK. As cases in the community rise there will be a small increase in the number of children we see with COVID-19, but the overwhelming majority of children and young people have no symptoms or very mild illness only” , and it emerged on subsequent enquiry that the interviewee had been speaking on the basis of very small numbers in her own hospital. The ECU noted that the programme-makers had not sought to establish the number of children involved or the severity of their symptoms; and, while appreciating the difficulty of obtaining a corroborating medical view on a public holiday, was concerned that remarks on a topic of such concern to parents, and which appeared at odds with what was generally understood to be the case, had been included in the broadcast without more scrutiny (and further circulated on Twitter). The programme published another tweet the following day which included the statement from the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health. The ECU thought this an appropriate step to have taken, but it did not address the inaccurate impression likely to have been given to listeners to the programme the day before.



A good simple example how numbers have been thrown out there in a manner that is designed to over-state and scare people goes as follows IMHO.

For example yesterday CASES = 539, here is how it typically gets reported:

Covid-19 Ireland cases today: Further 539 cases announced and one death confirmed


Looking at this piece form RTE to get a better idea of there border numbers:

There were 313 patients with the virus in hospital as of last light, a decrease of 18.

The number of patients in intensive care remained unchanged at 70.

St James’s Hospital in Dublin is caring for 44 patients, the largest number of any hospital.

However, 15 hospitals have fewer than nine cases of the disease.

Meanwhile, new Covid-19 vaccination figures from the HSE show that 800,753 doses had been administered up to last Saturday.


Hospital CASES = 313

That leaves a difference of 226 = test results that are positive which are not in hospitalised.

So what are they?

They are the WOW factor that in this case, creates a 72.2% perception error.



A Trick of The Light

Once again, they are not winning, they tell you everyday, they are so far behind their schedule. The real figure by their own standards, is less than 8% of the population fully injected (injected twice) with the experimental mRNA elixir of the new gods.

Devastating Lies From Talking Head Doctors

Devastating disease

Meanwhile, the Chief Executive of the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA), Dr Lorraine Nolan has warned the public if people do not get vaccinated they have “zero protection” against “this very devastating disease.”

Let’s decode - You are going to die. Never forget, you are going to die unless you do what we say and if you do not do what we say you are going to die.

Fear OVERDRIVE is nothing but fear overdrive, do we really want to see the puppy dead, well fo you?

More disease, it’s everywhere, ending with this confusing

“When we talk about risks it’s very easy to forget about the overwhelming benefits of vaccination and that is what we have to keep in mind here.

“We have to look at the overwhelming benefits of this vaccine - it provides excellent protection from the disease, and it has a good safety profile, and then you look at the real world use of this - it’s also showing us the high levels of protection it gives in terms of severe illness and hospitalisation, so there are really clear benefits to this vaccine," Dr Nolan added.

A disease???

The Flu a disease?

Look at these operatives of the global pharma state playing with your mind. Everyday because the media roll over like the submissive mongrels they are. They stand for nothing but destruction. Hate. Lies. Deceptions. Terror. Abuse. Death.

This is the new play across the global media. They are theming this as a disease, implying it is like some chronic virtually incurable diseases, like a cancer, like tutor, like a for-sure death sentence - not a 99.97% recoverable seasonal something or other that you didn’t even go to see the doctor about and need a test to tell you you have it even though you never noticed…

As always… how much silver is lining the pockets of these bought and paid for comic book heroes? That’s a sideshow but you gotta grease the wheels of the machine as it rolls over and crushes the bodies.


Indeed. This morning hapless Hancock the UK health secretary was on the radio, repeating how ‘horrible’ the disease is, ‘horrible, horrible’ but failing to balance this with ‘for those who get it in a horrible way’, since we know a great many people get it in such an unhorrible way that they don’t even know they’ve got it, or get it in a not so horrible way of a few days snivelling and then in fine form again, but for Hancock there’s only one variant of covid disease and that’s the horrible horrible variant, I guess it’s just like that old song about a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest na na na


When the politicians and leaders across countries, across continents and across the world are broadcasting the same message, reading the same script lines for over a year.

Surely the penny drops that they are being controlled by a very well organised global operation?

A global operation that is in the process of taking over you, your life, your people, your culture, your country, your nation, that they are merely repeater nodes for this global operation and thus false prophets - who are in place as part of an attempt to put in place, the pan-national social credit control system so that you and your children’s children children will never ever be free again.

This is why the daily media, aka propaganda is easily predictable. It is following a formula set by a specific goal informed by an overall agenda.


Many people still do not seem to realise how fully fledged the United Nations now is, not just some tall building in New York and Irish soldiers earning a bit of overtime in the Lebanon, it’s now a full fledged government system and ready at a stroke to sweep national governments aside to reveal itself, in case you haven’t been keeping up to speed with where the UN is at, take a look at this organigram


She is getting so ratioed.

I wonder what her DMs are like…



Here is an example of one of the terror devices being reversed, as is the common occurrence around every info bomb during the main assault - a clean-freak meme to amplify the base neurosis levels broadscacle, to terrify and petrify people out of their minds.

I’m sure you know of someone who early on wa wiping down their supermarket shopping, it was a common ting discussed online all over.

Using words, on command this is how they drove peoples neurosis levels off the chart, to terrifying and deadly effects, to corral theminot the arms of the whitecoasts and their needles.

All it took was the correct string of words repeated and broadcast to enough people over enough time to create the desired outcome.

The contempt of the Menace views you and your loved ones as mere rats in a cage or maze of their design.

But I guess someone had to to sell a ton sanitisers sitting in the warehouse since the last SARS mania, am I right? :money_mouth_face:


A bunch of toxic sanitizer- lot of what was sent to GPs and schools last spring had methanol in it. Which can be absorbed through the skin.


And September. I’m sure I linked it here.


Sam telling porkies. Claire being Claire.