Examples of lies, deceptions, misdirections and unchecked propaganda in the daily MSM matrix



Its our old friend the Sunk Cost Fallacy…


Now when combined with the Normalcy Bias of most people…


Where the vast majority of people continue to believe that their world of before some disaster still exists despite the huge external evidence to the contrary.

Add in the Geller Mann Effect with regards to the media created mass hysteria


Then add in a form of Dunning Kruger effect of those in power who are highly credentailized but have little actual area expertise compared to their peers in decades past


And you have the perfect mix in the Western countries for mass hysteria and long term collapse.

This will be a Soviet Union 1989 level extinction event for most Western countries in their current form. What comes next is the end forever of what existed before.Those countries with a true Federal system like the US will eventfully right themselves. But its not looking good for most other countries. A South American junta style Public Health Fascism / Eco Fascism looks like the inescapable conclusion for most.

The world you lived in til March 2020 is gone. Dead. And its not coming back. And neither is your freedom. Without the current guilty people either going to jail or some serious civil strife.

This is a very high stakes game and those in power know it. Never underestimate just how vicious and nasty incompetent non-entities will get when its their political survival at stake. Just think, would you hire one single member of the current cabinet for even a mid level management position in your company. Or even junior one? Enough said.

This pattern is repeated across almost all Western governments at the moment. Hence the catastrophe.


Ha ha yea, sadly I have noticed this too much of late, I know my limits being an open window small brain but that does not stop me from wondering, dangerous n’all and beyond my station as it may be etc. etc., might this be considered a kind of KDE feedback loop or a duality loop, or “it’s easy for you to day that…”, what it boils down to a lack of wisdom, or more pointedly, a lack of respect for the value of wisdom, and when society attributes zero value to wisdom, the descent quickens, as we have now, as you have outlined.

You may not be bright, but you can be wise.
You may be smart, but you can be foolish.

Anyhow we have a super example of this in motion, back in 2011 starring the ISAG lead actress, you’ll know the moment when it comes, enjoy:

Reality is a masterclass at the moment, if you are willing to pay attention.


Still using the same sotck photos for days now. Bimbo is enemy combatant.

Trust science to protect our children with the Covid jab

Luke O’Neill

Why vaccinate kids if Covid-19 is a very mild disease in that age group? Here are four reasons why

December 12 2021 02:30 AM

The National Immunisation Advisory Committee (Niac) has approved the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine for Covid-19 in children aged five to 11. It advised that the children be given the vaccine in a two-dose schedule three weeks apart. So 480,000 primary school children will now be offered the vaccine via their parents in the coming weeks.

Those with an underlying condition, living with a younger child with complex medical needs, or living with an immunocompromised adult will be offered the vaccine first. Niac has also recommended that in children who are immunocompromised, a third shot of Pfizer should be given 28 days after the second shot. We can rejoice that we will at last be protecting another very vulnerable group.

Archived (paywall partial): https://archive.md/X5UN6

Remember before evil walked into the light of day and said, I am coming for your children and you will give them to me each and every time I ask to have my way with them as I please… no, it was always standing there with a big menacing grin staring at your children, but before the latest logical 180, have people forgotten the compelling argument for childhood vaccinations was thus:

Little immunocompromised Johnny will die, if all the other totally healthy children don’t get their shots!

It was the original “kill granny” argument.

The fall out from the levels of the BIG LIE here is going to be incredibly cataclysmic.


There is a growing evidence that boosters can “supercharge” you into a mass grave, Pat.


Coronavirus 2020

The original video if you hadn’t seen it is here: https://mobile.twitter.com/IrishInquiry/status/1466843640618274816


Mass Hypnotic Psychosis - Dr. Robert Malone / Dr. Mattias Desmet

Dr. Malone discusses the “Mass Formation (Hypnotic Psychosis)” phenomenon (Dr. Mattias Desmet) that makes it difficult to reason with those who have fallen victim to this devastating precursor to totalitarianism.

Mattias Desmet on Our Grave Situation

Professor Mattias Desmet talks about his work that connects past historical episodes of what is called “Mass Formation” (aka Mass Psychosis) and current events. The risks are as grave as they come. Unless a few brave and courageous people are willing to stand up and say “I don’t agree!” history suggests that we will end up with a fully totalitarian outcome.

Interesting at about 26 mins in, he gives the percentages of the population that are fully hypnotized @30%, the 40/50% who will just go along with the narrative and the 10/20% who just will refuse the narrative.


Gallagher pointed to education in media and online literacy and the regulation of social media algorithms as potentially being able to assist with the issue of online extremism.

“The root cause of conspiratorial thinking is a huge, huge level of distrust that people have in their institutions, so I think we need to work to restore people’s trust in things like the government, the media and the health service,” she said.


& so says the London based think tank.


Founded by…


The report profiles some of the main players in Ireland’s anti-lockdown movement, including far-right political parties, conspiracy theorists and New Age and holistic health groups.

:rofl: I’m getting an image of rogue Nazi scientists based in an organic farm in Leitrim on a mission to recover the lost healing energy cystals of Agartha, while at the same time promoting the anti-“vaccine” narrative.


The level of disconnect and lack of self-awareness displayed here by Ms. Gallagher is breathtaking. I wonder why people don’t trust their institutions (and is the Institute for Strategic Dialogue exempted?) when she talks of “regulating” social media algorithms to “assist” with the issue of online “extremism” - i.e. filtering peoples’ public voice and defining the boundaries of public discourse.


Never the twain shall meet


Who have we here…


Have any of the people not written an op-ed or article for The Guardian, Der Spiegel, Liberation etc.

Plus these people have very odd finances…

They get 5 million quid but no indication of where this money comes from. Although Google and MS do come up in association with these people.

Its usually very easy to find out who finances people like this. These guys are being bankrolled by someone who seems to be trying to keep their involvement very quiet. Its a multi company shell game. Or its coming from a German origin private party source.


The junkie another meance asset outing itself everyday. Fun to read spooknews.


Naomi O’Leary makes an arse of herself by insisting something true was “fake news”. ‘Move along, move along, not Trotskyite social policy, fake news, fake news’.

They really hate us. And their rule is brittle. Getting caught and having any setback infuriates them.

Did you hear that “the EU” tried to cancel Christmas? It’s not true, but the claim went viral in several languages and ended up even drawing comment from the pope.
It all started in October, when the European Commission’s equality commissioner, Helena Dalli of Malta, unveiled a document of guidelines for European Commission staff.
The 32-page manual for “inclusive communication” offered guidance for how staff should use language in the workplace, and in public communications like presentations or press releases. Communication should “reflect the diversity of the EU population”, it read. Panels should be balanced. Events and documents should be accessible. Stock images should be diverse.
It had pages on “gender”, “LGBTQI”, “racial and ethnic background”, “disabilities”, and “age”, with suggestions for statements to avoid and alternatives that could be used instead.
The 32-page manual for “inclusive communication” offered guidance for how staff should use language in the workplace, and in public communications like presentations or press releases. Communication should “reflect the diversity of the EU population”, it read. Panels should be balanced. Events and documents should be accessible. Stock images should be diverse.
It had pages on “gender”, “LGBTQI”, “racial and ethnic background”, “disabilities”, and “age”, with suggestions for statements to avoid and alternatives that could be used instead.
The trouble began in the section called “cultures, lifestyles or beliefs”. There, the manual advised staff to “avoid assuming that everyone is Christian”. A statement like “Christmas time can be stressful” could be avoided in favour of “Holiday times can be stressful” or “ . . . for those celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah”, it suggested.
“First name” should be used rather than “Christian name”. And staff should avoid picking names only from one religion if using an example or story: perhaps “Malika and Julio”, instead of “Maria and John”.
A copy of the manual made its way to Francesco Giubilei, a conservative writer and polemicist in Italy. He broke the story on November 28th in the right-wing tabloid Il Giornale, with the headline: “In Europe it is forbidden to say ‘Christmas’ and even to call oneself Maria.”
“The European Commission goes so far as to cancel Christmas by suggesting not to use the phrase ‘the Christmas period can be stressful’,” Giubilei wrote. “A desire to eliminate Christianity that goes further with the recommendation to use generic names instead of ‘Christian names’.”
The scoop caused pandemonium on the Italian right.

‘Ideological colonisation’

“Our history and identity shall not be erased,” the right-wing nationalist leader Giorgia Meloni declared on Twitter, sharing an image of the Il Giornale headline. A group of centre-right Italian MEPs wrote to the commission calling for the document to be changed to “respect the Christian roots of the European Union”.
A senior Vatican official publicly criticised the document. Multiple Italian news organisations, and later international ones, repeated Il Giornale’s framing that “the EU” wanted to “cancel Christmas”
“You mention the EU document on Christmas,” the pontiff replied. “In history, many, many dictatorships have tried to do it,” he added, warning the EU against being “a vehicle of ideological colonisation”.
It’s likely that few people commenting publicly on the document at this point had seen a copy of it. After all, it wasn’t public. It was an internal staff document that was leaked to a journalist. The main information about it in the public domain was the misleading press reports.
The commission’s job is to draw up proposed legislation for the EU, for the consideration of the European Parliament and national governments. It would be easy for a casual listener to assume that with this “EU document”, the commission had attempted to set draconian Christmas regulations for the EU’s entire 450 million population.


It took less than 48 hours from the publication of the Il Giornale story for the commission to retract the manual. It was withdrawn even before the representation of Catholic bishops to the EU could issue its complaint that the document showed “anti-religious bias”.
It is not a mature document and does not meet all commission quality standards,” Dalli said in a statement, adding that “the guidelines clearly need work”.
The rapidity of the retraction reflects that the document had not been received with universal acclaim within the commission itself. Like any institution, it does not lack people within it who would roll their eyes at such an initiative.
There is no shortage of hostility around Brussels towards the idea of “political correctness”, which is sometimes viewed as an import from the United States.
One anonymous commission official used the opportunity to attack the Maltese commissioner in a comment to Politico, describing her as a political lightweight within the commission, and her manual as “surrealism” that “deconstruct(s) the most elementary rules”.
Il Giornale cleared its front page to celebrate its victory, with the triumphant headline “Europe returns Christian”. Francesco Giubilei posed with a copy, declaring to his Facebook followers “we continue to fight for a Christian Europe”.


From the current issue of The Phoenix-thanks to Covid the IT almost quintupled its annual profits despite a 10% drop in turnover:

Basically a €6M bribe to push the government line…


Bought & Paid for with your life.


Thee absolute fookin’ state of that headline, for all their millions they spend buying the media, they still jump the shark… and then a bit of he said she said.

UK’s first Omicron death ‘was unvaccinated conspiracy theorist’

The first person to die from the Omicron variant in the UK was an unvaccinated conspiracy theorist, it has been > claimed.

A man, giving his name only as John, made the claim after phoning in to Nick Ferrari’s radio show on LBC.

John said his sister told him that his stepfather had died from Omicron in a hospital in Northampton.

He said he knew it was his stepdad because his sister had been informed by doctors at the hospital.

The claim was made on Nick Ferrari’s LBC show.

“He wasn’t vaccinated at all”, John said of his stepfather.

“My sister, she’s gutted – but on the other hand she’s a little bit angry that he never took these vaccines.

“She did have an argument with him at the end of October about this very thing, getting vaccinated.

“He thought it was a conspiracy. He was an intelligent man but it’s all these different things you are getting from online and different media things – about oh it’s not real – conspiracy theories really.”


UK’s first Omicron death “was a unvaccinated far-right extremist”
UK’s first Omicron death “was a unvaccinated climate change denier”
UK’s first Omicron death “was a unvaccinated conspiracy sympathizer”
UK’s first Omicron death “was a unvaccinated religious subversive”
UK’s first Omicron death “was a unvaccinated remainer”…

Someone should code a comedy gold headline generator, it might save the tax payer some money, but all the same their is a whiff of the AI off that article. :icon_beer:



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As usual, total faith in the “magic vax” is pushed time and time again , whether it did actually help is another matter and one that it is not possible to verify.


I think I’ve figured out the need to conflate omicron with the conspiracy thoery trigger phrqse, a basic muddy the waters, will try post more later.