Examples of lies, deceptions, misdirections and unchecked propaganda in the daily MSM matrix



Here is an example of one of the terror devices being reversed, as is the common occurrence around every info bomb during the main assault - a clean-freak meme to amplify the base neurosis levels broadscacle, to terrify and petrify people out of their minds.

I’m sure you know of someone who early on wa wiping down their supermarket shopping, it was a common ting discussed online all over.

Using words, on command this is how they drove peoples neurosis levels off the chart, to terrifying and deadly effects, to corral theminot the arms of the whitecoasts and their needles.

All it took was the correct string of words repeated and broadcast to enough people over enough time to create the desired outcome.

The contempt of the Menace views you and your loved ones as mere rats in a cage or maze of their design.

But I guess someone had to to sell a ton sanitisers sitting in the warehouse since the last SARS mania, am I right? :money_mouth_face:


A bunch of toxic sanitizer- lot of what was sent to GPs and schools last spring had methanol in it. Which can be absorbed through the skin.


And September. I’m sure I linked it here.


Sam telling porkies. Claire being Claire.


Claire had Tomás Ryan of the ISAG on earlier sounding all righteous and all about the facts. Not a mention of the zero covid leaks that Gript obtained about the ISAG


If you haven’t seen these videos already freepress.ie are on it now:


For centuries Marketers have secretly guarded the techniques to persuade customers to make decisions that best suited their profits. But now with the Internet creating an extremely open and level playing field, times are changing. The factor of Trust and Transparency will be the single most driving force behind the customer’s decision to choose a product/ service thus unleashing the real power of Dark Marketing in this era.

In this post, you will know

  1. What is Dark Marketing?
  2. Is Dark Marketing bad?
  3. Is Dark Marketing a new phenomenon?
  4. What are the critical steps of Dark Marketing?
  5. Why is Dark Marketing important Now?
  6. How can you leverage Dark Marketing to influence customers?
  7. What are some examples of Dark Marketing?

…1. What is Dark Marketing?

The act of changing the perception of a customer towards a particular product/service in a covert way that it matches the worldview of the audience in order to deliver the result without directly revealing the intention to the customer. Dark Marketing collects information from multiple data source, collates them to create a specific story, and then by applying the science of persuasion, executes it to deliver the desired result- everything is done covertly. Fundamentally Dark Marketing changes the belief set of an audience to something new without them realizing that their behavior is changed.



The use of “Influencers”

The video is no longer live on her Instagram page. Or at least we couldn’t find it. But if the foregoing pay scale is applied, she was offered around $4,000 in exchange for a “vaccine on social media” photo.

Some questioned whether or not she’s telling the truth. It’s not in her financial best interest to talk like this at all. Further, it appears she removed the video. She seems to have gotten the memo. Social media companies do not allow “influencers” or anyone else to tell truth about experimental COVID-19 shots.


Health Canada to use influencers to target you on social media


I wonder does HSE head Paul Reid have a working tab on the current spend of taxpayer yoyo’s using “influential groups” since end of last year, to convince people to take part in the Big Pharma (house always wins) experimental genetic injections?

Reid said the HSE will be “calling on very key influential groups to play a part”.

“From our perspective the more very influential groups that come out unambiguously and clear, the more helpful it is for us. Anti-vaxxers and anti-vaxxer campaigns, we want to stay well ahead of that and get clear, precise information out.”

Everyone should have been notified in advance of exactly who these groups and individuals are, being used to shill with their “clear and precise” information, oh look Paul Reid is that you on message shilling… why I think it is.


If someone could un paywall. This article has taken months to get published.


Months - does that mean Paul O’Neill at Irish Times refused to publish it?


They all refused. All here in Eire


Using archive.is seems to get around the paywall!

Independent.ie did a similar article edit this came out today as well pic from twatter…

Archive link: https://archive.is/yXVjr

Archive link: https://archive.is/xpr7b


This information appears more or less identical to what the German coroner explained in an interview on German TV sometime back in 2020.

It’s linked here somewhere but there is no guarantee the video is still online.


99% of the 230 covid-related deaths in Kildare to date had underlying conditions - Dr Cusack



Seen online - no idea where her figures are from though…

Does anyone know if coroner’s cases under investigation are posted / reported online somewhere?



Those coroner reports were just mentioned on Newstalk right now by a journalist. (I think it was Daniel McConnell from The Examiner but I didn’t catch the name.) Fair play to him anyway…it would be nice to see this reaching a wider audience.


A nice example of Low Quality headline “Regret” scaremongering from February coming from UK direction.

Archived link: https://archive.is/Suvtg


Some historical examples of the universal media messaging to convince the terrified to take a chance:

30th Nov, 2020

Archived link: https://archive.is/D1ZmN

Dec, 2020

Christmas the “super spreader event”, video at link:

Archived link: https://archive.is/9vgJJ

One example fo the many attempts to pump-price the Irish psyche with the idea of forever indenturement to the cause: pumping but it’s been going on since 2020

Feb 28th, 2021

Another example of highly divisive messaging aimed at the the heart of families leading up to Christmas, as an example of the full spectrum assault on your reality and your world:


In other new…

Studies Show Media Headlines Are Worldclass


The headline should be - Never mind the data, look at those Confidence Intervals.


A complete load of shite.

Thats not how you do it. You use 5 or 10 year data sets and a convergent function adjustment for the real time data. It takes a period of time for the historical data to converge on the final value. Due to collection methodology, coroners reports etc.

Using the real time data and the calculated time convergence function for each countries data set then you can do actual year on year comparison using real time data.

More junk science using fancy math the papers authors dont actually understand. Sounds good though. Oh look, one of the authors worked out how to use the fractional polynomial models functions in R… Lets stick that in. It sounds impressive.