Examples of lies, deceptions, misdirections and unchecked propaganda in the daily MSM matrix



Story Pumped, Bots Released

Leo Varadkar is a bot isn’t ya know. Bots are easier to sync than free living and thinking human beings. Centrally controlled bots. Pretending to be humans. Walking down the street. In your twitter feeds. :ninja:


Not had time to verify these specific accounts but bots swarms online posting the same shyte is well documented things for years, this all is an attempt ot feed not the fear, more fear than you can shake a stick at.

The Source

It’s hard to read, even harder to believe?

Reddit is not impressed.

There is Form

When Alabama physicians Miles and Brytney Cobia held a gathering with close family members, eight out of the 11 people who attended the gathering ended up testing positive for the novel coronavirus. Now, the Cobias are warning everyone to “wear a mask everywhere,” including around family and friends, MedPage Today’s Kristina Fiore reports.


Viral, that word, VIRAL

Alabama Doctor’s Heart-Wrenching Story About Young, Dying Covid Patients “Begging to Be Vaccinated” Turns out to Be a Complete Fabrication

A hospital physician from Grandview Medical Center in Birmingham, Alabama recently penned a heart-wrenching story on social media about young, healthy patients dying from Covid, begging her for vaccines. The alleged doctor, Brytney Cobia, says she holds their hand and tells them, “I’m sorry, but it’s too late” – before intubating them into a coma. Her Facebook post has gone viral, and her story has been shared over 686,000 times through a site called Al.com.



How much of that is due to Govt covid advertising?

afaik the Guardian/Times/Examiner/Journal style of agitprop has always been unprofitable, whats changed?


The Conversation the Media Buried - but it will Never Die!

Ivor Cummins

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The media have tried to bury the reality for nearly a year and a half now - but the truth will out. You cannot fool all of the people all of the time. This is an open and free speech discussion with a panel of experts and is by definition non-censorable in a Western democratic free society. Here we delve into the facts of the matter - enjoy and share! (contents index to follow). Please feel free to download for sharing and discussion across platforms - link in this blog post: https://thefatemperor.com/the-convers… (note no need to sign up to WeTransfer or anything - just click yes twice)


MASS PSYCHOSIS - How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL


So much in this with Robert Malone exemplifies the title of this thread:




Copy & Paste Botaganda “News”

Fun game,

  • Take the obvious bought and paid for screamer headline
  • Lash into a search engine
  • See how many simlar or exact instances return in the search results
  • Await visit from Agent Smith to explain why it’s only innocent syndicated news

How to have a conversation with a friend who’s unsure …


There’s a bigger push than ever to persuade younger people to get the Covid -19 vaccine . A new social media campaign launches too — including on TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram — urging uptake …

How to have a conversation with a friend who’s unsure …


How to have a conversation with a friend who’s unsure about the Covid vaccine. by independenteagle. August 6, 2021. There’s a bigger push than ever to persuade younger people to get the Covid -19 vaccine , with even nightclubs broadcasting the benefits of the jab. Clubs like Ministry of Sound and Heaven will be pushing messaging around their …

How to have a conversation with a friend who’s unsure …


A new social media campaign launches too - including on TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram - urging uptake of the vaccine among young adults.While the Department of Health and Social Care say more than two-thirds of young adults aged 18 to 29 have received one dose of the vaccine , there are concerns over the uptake among younger people.

How to have a conversation with a friend who is unsure of …


How to have a conversation with a friend who is unsure of the Covid vaccine There is greater pressure than ever to persuade younger people to get vaccinated against Covid -19, even nightclubs spreading the benefits of the jab.

Remember they already told you in advance they woudl be spending loads and loads of exchange money to propagandise the young and impressionable.


Here’s a couple of Twitter accounts I’m suspicious of-particularly the first one which I think is an astroturfing operation by the Zero Covid 5th columnists.


Septic Sceptics

Notable all over the place, even PI has noticed the recent trend in output. It’s true. The Virus targets “sceptics” and I heard some of the variants target “deniers” aswell! Seriously. It’s serious folks.



2009 Video, CFR

Like I told yiz all, they played the scarcity marketing trick day in day out in the media here and across the world and it worked on millions.

At 5:20 in the video they are discussing how to get people to take the unpopular vaccine and a woman says:

“I think what would work better would be to say that there is a shortage and people would tend to line up more for something that’s in demand.” (and then laughing).

Published on 18 Sep 2020 / In Film and Animation

Artificial scarcity is a well known sales technique now extensively used by politicians, Big Pharma and media.


Your average, venal Irish civil servant/corporate shill would think this is genius.


Is Your Seatbelt On?

Why use the analogy of a seatbelt?

Well they made it mandatory to wear a seatbelt when driving - It invokes that as a seemingly reasonable analogy and pre-coditoing the mind to accepting a mandatory vaccines as being reasonable as the seat belt touchstone.

However, Ronan Glynn, one of the many arch propagandists and marketeers shilling for Pharma in the Government led Pharma Coup, is reading from a script, a script disemanated from a central source or else he just steals ideas or the hacks who copy & paste the daily snooze, but a central source, it must be and we shall see… first off:

August 11th - Glynn Muses:

These articles tbh are probably written for people, it’s a Soap, a comic book, pick one of the characters, assign the lines, they either spoke or not, they don’t have to even be there, they might as well not be but they are actors, they certainly are.

BusinessInsider, July 31st:

Stop acting like you’re invincible just because you’re vaccinated — think of your vaccine like a seatbelt

  • COVID-19 vaccines aren’t perfect, and you can still get sick after you have all your shots.
  • But a vaccinated person’s infection will likely be milder, because their body has built up its defenses.
  • Vaccines are a lot like seatbelts: they save lives, but they can’t prevent crashes.

Here you can see the seatbelt meme growing:

July 22nd

I’ve been thinking about these issues for some time — both as an immunologist with a deep grasp of vaccine science and as someone who has spent the last 8 years thinking about risk management and how “minority harm” is born and sustained in America and how to minimize it.

Here I write to share what I know is a precise analogy to the COVID-19 vaccine from a risk space, which almost every American can relate to and has daily experience with: Automobile seatbelts.


I’d say that got circulated far and wide.

Here an article from July 27th using the same analogy:

But what’s this… from April 14th:

Getting the Vaccine is like Buckling our Seat Belt: we still have to Drive Safely.

I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV. This article is a dose of common sense and a spoonful of science.

My mission is to make people aware of the protection they are getting when becoming card-carrying vaccinated citizens.

The first benefit I experienced was peace of mind. I slept like a baby after I received my second vaccination. There is a sense of safety that comes with it.

But the vaccine card entitles us to immunity, not invincibility.

Some bonus material in their to help you improve your orgasms, that’s probably how that story was going in some circles - Yet, if you thought it ended there, think again.


Vaccination, Risks, and Freedom: The Seat Belt Analogy.


Pervasive use of the seat belt analogy


I could probably keep going but the URL trail probably goes dead long before you get to powder filled room of marketing dept or marketing agents office beholden to one of the super duper pharma operations.

The point being, the analogy and it’s use to sell vaccines pre-dates the global government led pharma coup using the Coronavirus and it’s Varaint Hordes - the only difference is they may all have been approved vaccines but this one is most certainly not.

It’s all marketing. Soft sell. Reasonable Sell. Empathic sell.

Ask yourself - Would Bill Hicks take the Shot?

Coronavirus 2020
"CARCRASH" - 97% HSE COVID Hospital Admissions have 1 or 2 shots

Not directly related to COVID* but we now have a new enemy!

So lonely people who have poor social skills are now the new terrorist group! FFS!

It’s well known that loners occasionally go off the rails and commit serious crimes, but there is no organisation behind it.

*Given the thread title, it fits perfectly


When I saw that I thought, oh we must be due a FF soon, but I see @jmc has gotten in ahead of me. :wink:



DENVER (AP) — As a police sergeant in a rural town, Carlos Cornejo isn’t the prototypical social media influencer. But his Spanish-language Facebook page with 650,000 followers was exactly what Colorado leaders were looking for as they recruited residents to try to persuade the most vaccine-hesitant.

Cornejo, 32, is one of dozens of influencers, ranging from busy moms and fashion bloggers to African refugee advocates and religious leaders, getting paid by the state to post vaccine information on a local level in hopes of stunting a troubling summer surge of COVID-19.



Ah problem, reaction…



As I observed last week; there are no “Parents United” only the zero covid crew pushing their agenda.


Astroturfing Terror Cells.


Iconoclast Roundtable 2 - The Irish Inquiry

The second Iconoclast RoundTable Discussion features Dr. Gerard Waters, Dr. Marcus De Brun, Stock market investor, Graham Neary, Barrister at Law, Tracey O’Mahony and Biochemical Engineer and Complex Problem Solving Specialist, Ivor Cummins. We were told there would be no return to normal without a vaccine, yet here we are, more than a year and a half later, C19 injections have been rolled out under emergency use authorisation only. Those who are considered vulnerable have pretty much all received their jab, the curve has been well and truly flattened, but no sign of our freedoms returning just yet. In today’s discussion, we’ll be talking about the magic injections, Covid passports, government shenanigans, the manipulation of data and what we should be doing to protect ourselves.

just in case