Examples of lies, deceptions, misdirections and unchecked propaganda in the daily MSM matrix



Headaches for the little people

This kind of shyte indicates they are probably going tyrannical on the mask in way they have not since. Probably induce a proactive shaming culture on the subject as they have asked the public to engage in with the prison passes, as per the prime regime puppet martin asked people to turn on each on in a big way. So we are in full fledged descent into a hell on that front.

They definitely are attempting to very perfectly turn people on each other. Very perfectly. Be in no doubt about the intention and desire to wreck the social stability and trust levels.

The mask is a powerful form of social conditioning used for thousands of years. Covering the “breath” of a soul, well, don’t knock it till you try it, it has power, much power.

We know all know, those who know, the whole event is one big pre-planned behavioural reconditioning program, as admitted by the high paid unaccountable “nudgers”, who poke people with their virtual sciency sticks through the media and the figurehead system.

Always read the end first.


“We believe this is an important message to help combat damaging misinformation on social media platforms. Promoting community mask wearing is important, as there is compelling evidence that we have little to lose, but potentially a lot to gain

“There may be fluctuations in public health mask wearing recommendations in the future, and if routine mask wearing is ever reintroduced after a period without widespread use, clinicians should be aware of the association between the introduction of mask wearing and increased headache presentations”.


Teh Headline & Opening focus:

Significant rise in headaches from mask wearing, new study shows

Doctors at Limerick University Hospital found that there was a 2.9 fold rise from 113 people in 2019 to 329 last year in the number of patients presenting with headaches to the acute medical unit.

A new phenomenon of mask induced headaches has resulted in a “significant increase” in the number of people attending hospital A&Es due to the pandemic, a new study shows.

Doctors at Limerick University Hospital found that there was a 2.9 fold rise from 113 people in 2019 to 329 last year in the number of patients presenting with headaches to the acute medical unit.

They highlighted that there was no statistically significant rise in CO2 levels from 23.318 in 2019 to 23.07 last year which is a primary cause of people suffering from headaches.

Was Gemma & Co right after all?


My child is reporting headaches from wearing the mask all day at school. I’ve told her to pop her nose and mouth out and breath. A thin gauze mask is on the way from etsy. Her friends in school also report regular headaches. And they take hours to clear.


Probably stress related to having to keep the uncomfortable muzzle in place for hours!


Innovation Menace Style.

Remember when, oh I think it was back in 2020 when they said (it’s linked here somewhere I am sure Indo or IT article) that teachers were an innovative bunch and they’d come up with innovative solutions to the problems facing schools, how I laughed, how I cried.

Bottom line - masks could actually be causing Brain damage to children and adults alike. Irreparable damage.


80% of your brian develops by age 2, the rest grows and develops on slow curve up to age 25, maybe finishing by early 30’s for some (less growing more wiring by that point).

Now I’m only firing this line of thinking out quickly, because I was struck by a post online somewhere, sometime ago which you post reminded me of, and it was posted anecdotally but from a industry point of view and how that health & safety studies, obviously in industries litigation is a real present risk so it was very well studied and researched area, that in fact, there might actually be an excellent body of literature on the subject of mask wearing and consequences within the the bosom of the massive H&S (usually refers to as HSE now, spooky or wha).

bottom line Take-away - It was known and established that any amount of mask wearing causes a level of brain damage.

Maybe some of the smarter and cleverer pinsters might have some insight, maybe all you need to do is a few searches online to find out if it is true or not.


I refused straight away. Out of work because of that with serious mental issues. Unfortunately there is no solicitor to take the case atm, but I’ve my evidence in place.
On top of social conditioning there is serious impact on your health. Acidification of the body is adding to that cancer inside.


Martin Tyler just described Keita’s goal for Liverpool as “he rolled out a booster shot.”





Ticket me this

More of the scarcity marketing trick as outlined previously.

They only haven trick. Reusing that one trick every hour last couple fo weeks, after a little break for his all, then it’s back to 2020 programming!

Tickets for nightclubs and late-night events will be required to be booked at least an hour in advance under new Covid-19 regulations, it is understood.



Note the headline is
“Heroic levels of courage of parents in sleep disorder cases praised”

Rather than say
"State accepts liability after vaccine injury to child which came to light 8 years after vaccine was administered



It comes across as a patronising headline designed to defect more parents waking up, to the current and sudden present danger stalking their children.


Mary is Sad.

You could not tell people at the time as you can not tell peopel now.

The vote to repeal the 8th was a Vote to abort Ireland. Yea.

It is really important ot understand the web and matrix of operatives that pollute your world, or without question elevated.

The Ironing here is powerful.

Dr. Mary Favier is a Cork based GP and founding member of Doctors for Choice. She has been a long-time campaigner for the removal of the Eighth Amendment. She has stressed to be better doctors and provide better care, she and her colleagues need to work without being bound by the 8th. She also outlined how the current legislation impacts pregnant people of reproductive age in so many aspects besides the right to abortion care – from accessing chemotherapy to x-rays.

Dr. Favier is an advocate for change based on her professional experience as a GP, and the many situations she has encountered as a result – she says “I have seen everything from the 14-year old who came to see me before travelling to the UK with her parents, to the 40 year-old woman who had to leave her two children with her husband, who has a disability, at home while she travelled”

Doctors for Choice is an alliance of independent medical professionals and students advocating for comprehensive reproductive health services in Ireland, including the provision of safe and legal abortion for women who choose it.

People like this a re never Never Happy, there is no end it seems.

Further restrictions are inevitable as cases rise, says Covid adviser

She’s a COVID adviser now. Maybe she’s a leading COIVD adviser.

The Covid adviser for the Irish College of General Practitioners (ICGP), Dr Mary Favier, has said that she fears further restrictions are inevitable as the number of cases of Covid-19 continues to rise.

“It is so depressing to think about it,” she told Newstalk Breakfast.

“We need to find ways to work around it.”

Her comments come as the State recorded a further 3,174 cases of Covid on Wednesday.

Dr Favier pointed out that Ireland’s “tipping point” was lower than other European countries because of underfunding for the health service for many years.

GPs were noticing a lot of Covid activity in the community, she added. People were calling from work with symptoms, but were resisting being tested. They were phoning looking for reassurance, but did not want to believe that they might have Covid-19, Dr Favier.

The rapid rise in cases was a cause for concern, she said, with a 49 per cent increase in the 7-day average.

“We can’t predict next week, but we can predict our own behaviour. Remember how cautious we were a year ago.”

Dr Favier said that further restrictions could not be “entirely ruled out”.

“It will come down to how we behave now.”

Although the vaccination programme had made a difference (from this time last year), hospitals were still under pressure which meant the cancellation of other treatments because of the number of ICU beds available, pointed out Dr Favier.

There was a need to support healthcare workers who were once again facing huge pressures and challenges, she said.

Src: https://archive.md/brcWh

Now we have it Mary!

Problem = People 101


I’ve mentioned her before here; her twitter profile pic has the UN Agenda 2030 logo (startwoman is a reference to her pro-abortion group.)


In a little less than three years?

6,666 performed in the first year…


Ground Hog Media Day

If it’s not RTE it’s the Indo, saving teh environment wit their current Recycling drive - Nov 4th, 2021

Not getting the Covid jab unless you’ve health reasons is like drink-driving – we need to wake up those resisting

Src: https://archive.md/mZMtc

All this is is a recycling of the media script all talking heads and propagandists people like Mary McCArthy, Nphet & Co are regularly given or this is copy & paste worthy.

Nice bit of deflective projection used with the “wake up” resistors line - you mean, the actually wide awake who believe in their body their choice, pro choice kinda of people, those who understand the intrisince value of that that foundational inalienable jazz.

When reading the bought and paid for output of the kale news industry. I don’t feel so bad about my historical legacy of random grammar, typos and inability to spell any word at will, when I read curren output:

“…the data are clear: if you are not jabbed, the risk of ending up in ICU is massively higher”

The data are clear indeed me hearties! :pirate_flag:


Pro. Know Nuttin’ Nolan reading the same script lines

Speaking with Claire Byrne on Thursday, Nolan said leaving your home with symptoms of the virus should become “socially unacceptable” in the same way as driving drunk.

Src: https://intra.ie/2021/10/15/leaving-home-with-covid-19-symptoms-like-driving-drunk-nphet/

Maybe it’s jsut piracy after all and October 15th wants it’s royalties. :crown:


You know, when I want very well researched and informed comment about public health epidemiology and virology the sort of people I turn to is someone who is a not terribly successful fiction writer whose only qualifications seems to be a probably a pretty good Leaving Cert about two decades ago. In not science subjects.


Plea Dealz All Round.

Mary’s :ghost: writer writes:

…Recently, the plea to get the vaccine has been pushed more, with some gentle success – it is mentioned almost daily by our health officials – but more force is needed as we try to break the waves to prevent our health system from getting overwhelmed as cases soar and we inch toward a festive season we all deserve.

She’s not wrong, Reid seems to have the same script writer or is in the same WTF-Do-I-Say WhatsApp group. I like their writing style the evocation of an untamed sea, or great ocean, waves, tides turning, Tsunamis of Dying… :ocean: I get it. It’s beautiful.

Mr Reid urged a range of actions by the public to help turn the tide, including to get vaccinated, follow public health messages such as social distancing, wearing face coverings and staying at home if you have symptoms of the virus.

A plea from the HSE is we believe these will work and we believe this will help us turn it around,” he said.

But he said than neither he or the HSE are calling for the further public health restrictions.


Oh yea, nobody ain’t got time for dat.


Mr Reid urged a range of actions by the public to help turn the tide , including to get vaccinated, follow public health messages such as social distancing, wearing face coverings and staying at home if you have symptoms of the virus.

A plea from the HSE is we believe these will work and we believe this will help us turn it around,” he said.

I’d prefer if they knew. Facts. Not faith.


The Data Are Clear!


The war on COVID, the new religion, one where the unfaithful are being persecuted and treated like second class citizens.
Did the Taliban sneak into government by any chance!


Just to be pedantic about it, because it matters. There is no WAR on COVID, there is only a WAR on YOU.

The first target hit in the WAR was was YOU.

That is the only important FACT there is to understand right now.