Excess deaths



I thought it might be worthwhile separating this out into its own thread.

For Ireland, I think Seamus Coffey is the first person to highlight the uptick in excess deaths since the middle of July compared to all previous years (2015-2021)


Coronavirus 2020




To me it appears that COVID has brought forward deaths that would have most likely have occurred in the next couple of years if COVID was not around. Most if the victims were already approaching the end of life and any illness would have finished them off. You can see that in the Scottish figures with a lower than average rate during the spring (ignoring the Christmas distortion).


There’s permanently higher excess deaths in the Under 65s now. Even when Covid isnt “waving”


4.Excess mortality and mortality displacement by age



Relevant also


The Yazz Effect

Have you noticed the Yazz effect?

To many eyes, the Yazz effect looks like a spike or a surge any time the government do something, it is very similar to whack a mole. You whack one, and another mole pops up, as if the action in one place to push down caused an equal and opposite move on up somewhere else in the system, but everyone believes there is more than one mole, variant moles, other moles, cousins etc. etc. while other claim if we look at the mole as a whole in the holes, then all these highs and lows occur within a contained or closed system and thus case and correlation is very easy to ascertain, but you have to look at the mole in the holes in the whole. It is possible the mole can be in two place at once but that is still the subject of much debate.

The really low grade amateur hour charts I have plot from the really very seriously official data, show massive peaks right after the #2 shots were given to the official all figure, followed then by a surging peak of hospitalisations in August.

The same happens for the #1 round of shots, which occurred at the lowest levels of hospitalisations for 2021, what happened next, hospitalisation began to ramp up, then surge, creating a massive August peak of hospitalisation, unseen in 2020, almost out striping the peak seasonal flu in 2020/2021 dec/jan

  • There are more “suspect cases”, which get reported as actual “cases” in 2021, even though they are only suspected cases, not real cases as per the HSE clarifications.

  • There are more hospitalisation than ever seen in the 3+ months before winter than the same period in 2020.

  • There are more tests carried out than ever before in 2021. So many there could 1-2 million or more test in 2021 than in 2020.

  • The total test so far look to be close to 9 million tests, with the majority occurring in 2021, so we have almost test turned over the population twice and most of that occurred in 2021.

All these assertions and claims are backed up by official data and open to correction, all that data is open and free for anyone to look at, sometimes they even use a bit of it here and there in the media but not too much, because it can be all to much in one go. It’s best to take it in small does, a few days or day by day. Not all at once. Maybe some one day. Then some more another day.

Otherwise you end up thinking that the whole thing is completely manufactured using bogus test regime to justify administering the injection en mass, which are actually doing far more injury to people, causing clots to kill some, injury others than a typical real bastard flu that kills and maims mostly mens egos, woman don’t get the flu, based on extensive studies, amounting to really only 4% in total of woman ever actually getting a bustard flu for a long time. It is suspected that 4% are actually trans, so men pretending to be women but easily spotted because they cannot handle a bit of pain and a few sniffles.


Probably related what do you think? Evidence of no additional deaths demonstrates there was no pandemic / epidemic in 2020/21 - why did you take the #clothshot then?


I think 2020 and 2021 must be kept separate in our thoughts.

The 2020 restrictions were brought in despite no excess deaths. That’s clear now.

2021 is now (deliberately?) muddled by COVID deaths, the unexplained deaths during and after the vaccination campaign (still there), the effects of the lockdown restricting access to diagnosis and treatment of other conditions.



2020 PCR lab cycles were more like 40+
2021 PCR lab cycles were more like 28

Meaning probably all of the 2020 suspect cases, aka “cases” would not exist in 2021.

So if we applied the 2021 PCR cycle threshold to 2020 samples, there would have been ZERO pandemic in 2021.

So why are “cases”, i.e. suspected cases higher in 2021.

Good question no?


Yea, in 2020 there were only people. Playing lockdown pretend game. Pretending to be sick. One big giant national drill. The hospitals were emptied. That is a proven fact from the official FOI data requested info. In 2020 the hospitals were not overrun and it was very boring a lot of the time by all accounts for most of the staff. They had a lot of time off when they did a pretend test and it showed a pretend positive result so they had what essentially become 2 week pretend holidays, extra holidays but still none the less pretend holidays, pretend extra sick day holidays.

Now in 2021 there are injected people vs uninjected people.

The injected people carry way more virus and spread way more virus now than ever before.

Yet the message is that 2020 people are more dangerous in 2021, people from 2020, 2019 and before are a serious threat to the stability of the universal global world public health system.

2021 we move from pretending to fear an invisible enemy, and pretending to be all sick at once for long periods of pretend incarceration, pretending our homes were medical or detention facilities, pretending to admin and monitor our pretend sick prisoner selves, to fearing people who carry less virus, spread less virus because they are uninjected or injured by an unknown substance officially referred to as a “vaccine”.

Which nearly the majority have no understanding how it technically works but pretend they have taken a “vaccine”, when all they have done is agree to have an unknown substance injected into their body without reading the risk or understanding the technical aspect and the medical shot and long term implications of pretending to be ignorant and that everything is actually ok, pretending to be saved, because they have been told in a pretend way, that if they pretend good and long enough, they will get a special reward, which in the end is a pretend reward, the rewarding being some of their freedoms back, only some mind, not all, but since it was pretend, they were always free and never lost all of it, they always had all of it, but they if they pretended to forget for long enough that they were perpetualy free, they did get to experience what it is be like to not be free, many seem to like to pretend especially the media, politicians and the major corporate pharma structures and there are now continued calls and measures in place to keep up the rather jovial for some, national pretence.

What is not pretend, as it turns out, is the injection, the pretend vaccine, is a real thing, a real unknown, and now that it is real, it turns out that it was not pretend, and if you have it you may actually continue to be less free for real, or at least you must continue to pretend you are not free if you wish to actually remain free.


Just a little over two more months to go but already More dead in 2021 than previous year


While looking at Seamus Coffey’s data on unexplained excess deaths since July 2021, I did some manual investigation across a few counties using rip.ie, and noticed different patterns showing up. So I automated it to see if I could rationalize what I was seeing…the following posts will show mortality by county…


  • No excess deaths in 2020, in fact a decrease in deaths compared to 2019. (Could the excess deaths towards the end of 2019 have caused this??)
  • No obvious Wave 1 spike (April/May 2020)
  • Limited Wave 2 spike (Jan/Feb 2021)
  • Clear excess deaths since July 2021

For clarity, here is just 2020 and 2021


  • No obvious Wave 1 spike (April/May 2020)
  • Clear Wave 2 spike (Jan/Feb 2021)
  • Clear excess deaths since July 2021
  • Deaths this year already at full year 2020 level, with 2 months to go

Just 2020, 2021 for clarity


  • Clear increasing mortality year-on-year 2016->17->18->19-20 (as expected)
  • Clear excess in 2020
  • Clear Wave 1 spike (April/May 2020)
  • Clear Wave 2 spike (Jan/Feb 2021)
  • Slight increase in excess deaths since Aug 2021


  • Clear increasing mortality year-on-year 2016->17->18->19-20 (as expected)
  • Clear excess in 2020
  • Clear Wave 1 spike (April/May 2020)
  • Clear Wave 2 spike (Jan/Feb 2021)
  • Significant increase in excess deaths since July 2021


Injection reflections. Twice.


Great to have more data.

The first spike will be a simple compression wave. A short term compression of deaths of already sick people but over time the overall mortality rates stays the same. Typical with pandemics. Which is what looks like happened.

The spike in early 2021 is almost all due to excess deaths in the 500 plus registered care homes due to vaccination. The fact that in the previous 60 days a preposterous 12 day spike in official “cases” (positive rate went from 5% to almost 20% then back to 5% almost as quickly ) perfect timed to hide the huge increases in mortality at care homes when vaccination started is what gives rise to conspiracy theories. Rather than the incompetent balls up it actuality was.

The very fact that spike in test positive rates happened over Christmas 2020 and was allowed to continue until senior people came back from their Christmas holidays tells you all you need to know about the utter sham of official statistics. They are basically just making number up. None of the official statistics can be relied on. Even the CSO uses RIP.com to get accurate and timely mortality statistics.


Gosport War Memorial Hospital practices.
Midazolam and syringe drivers replaced by oxygen respirators, isolation, chemical sanitizers, face covers, stress. And 2 doses with a booster.


  • Clear increasing mortality year-on-year 2016->17->18->19-20 (as expected)
  • Clear excess in 2020
  • Clear Wave 1 spike (April/May 2020)
  • Clear Wave 2 spike (Jan/Feb 2021)
  • Some increase in excess deaths since July 2021