Excess deaths

Some commentary on the Guardian article

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Nope, still no mention.

Dr John, highlights the facts as well.

A tweetable link with excerpts of the video:


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Ah yes the heatwave, Iceland’s was truly awful

Stolen; “deaths within 28 days of a sunny day”.

What is the story here with these numbers what can they tell us?

My suspicion is that the injections may have borked another of the bodies normal functions, since it has a massive cardiovascular component, that being the mechanism that gives the body the ability to deal with temperature fluctuations, combined with a native acclimation with a more aged native bias of injection uptake.

Not forgetting that non-natives are much less injected than the natives, so what’s the injection rate in Iceland, they must have possibly the lowest ratio of immigrants in comparison, and why the excess is so high - I haven’t looked but that needs looking at.

So back to the bodies responses to temperature changes.

Think about the purpose of the plunge pool in a gym, to stimulate and work out the bodies cardiovascular response to sudden temp changes, keep those capillaries in tippy top shape.

If your capillaries are full of micro clots, that whole function surely diminishes greatly to the point of danger.

This paper deals with that function but with a “climate Change” slant… :icon_beer:

Cardiovascular response to thermoregulatory challenges

Cardiovascular Responses to Environmental Stress: Cardiovascular response to thermoregulatory challenges - PMC

In short - it’s not about heat waves but about the relative temperature change as a challenge to the bodies long term acquired familiarity and mechanism of response. .

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Sarah Caul, ONS head of mortality analysis, said the figure had been "driven by higher than expected numbers of deaths since March, which could be caused by a combination of factors.
"Across March, April and May we saw increases in deaths due to cardiac arrhythmias, predominantly among those aged 80 and above.
“Further work needs to be done to understand any link between the long-term effects of Covid and increasing cardiac deaths.”

Covid-19 has been only partly responsible for extra deaths in recent months, the ONS said.
Of the 6,473 excess deaths in May, more than three-quarters (4,897 or 76%) were not due to coronavirus.
The proportion was even higher in June, with 82% not due to Covid-19 (2,900 of 3,516).

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"What the authorities need to do now is stop making excuses and release the all-cause mortality data by vaccination status – including those vaccinated less than 14 or seven days before, and with no missing deaths or population errors – so we can all see whether there is any relationship between vaccination status and deaths from heart diseases and other causes.

The fact that it is September 2022 and these data are still nowhere to be seen, either here or in any other country, only increases suspicions that there is something they don’t want us to see."

There’ll be less people gardening now come winter though.

Why are excess deaths among the young running at their highest in five years… when we’ve had a pandemic for the previous two …

Data from a source beyond reproach IMO.


Climate change, innit.