It’s a while since I’ve seen the word Excess on a property ad… it seemed to be quietly replaced by “region” a while ago.

But this one
has it back again:
“Excess €210,000”

It was region 235k a few weeks ago, the cache is gone from Google, but I spotted this one because of the line beside it when it was 235, it had that daft “finance this property from 1200pm (or so)” right beside where it said “Rental income of 800 per month”. The rental income has now changed to “House producing good rental”

So my question is, does the word “Excess” mean the market has recovered, and is my rent now dead money!? Oh god I need to get on the ladder!

Agreed. I thought “Excess” had become a dirty word in recent months.

Ireland’s property bubbles dead-cat bounce is a change from “region” to “excess”.

In fairness, seller probably thinks he’s dropping the price so he wants to put a floor on it. In reality, he’s just opened himself up to sub-200k offers, if he’s lucky!

Castle Park is the Moyross of Galway but home to many Buckfast drinkers I will aver :slight_smile:

You may recall an incident last year ( yet to come to court) where a few skangers allegedly forgot that their mate was asleep in the back of their mutually stolen car …and burnt it , a Note from the time

I would not pay more than €50k for a house in Castle Park, under any circumstances.

Probably because the vendor is getting sick of bids below asking price.

It’s still overvalued in my opinion. It’s gross yield is just 5% and I wouldn’t consider investing until it is around 7%. Another 40k off the asking price and it’s may be a decent investment.