Exclusive Report: Undercover In Ireland's Experimental Vaccine Cull Centres -



  • Traffic is slow – they admit on camera it is slow – showing how RTE and the rest of the corrupt Irish mainstream media are lying when they say that most people are getting the vaccine

I got that impression on first look. Hmmm… sure ramble down to your local injection chamber and see how’s she cuttin’ you might be “blown away”. :whistle:

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Things that make you go Hmmm…

HSE chief Paul Reid has suggested that an end to the pandemic may be in sight following news that Ireland’s vaccine rollout is a month ahead of schedule.



I’d like to believe this…but if the history of the big 3 referenda taught ‘us’ anything, it was that 66.6% of the population would drop us in anything.


I dunno if Irish post is just on a different buzz or is happy to take the money and run the happy glowing puff pieces and leave it at that but her we are again, it’s all going swell:

IRELAND’S vaccination programme passed two significant milestones on Thursday.

Not only has the country now administered a whopping six million Covid jabs to the population, it’s also understood that 75% of all adults are now fully vaccinated against the virus.

Yesterday evening, HSE CEO Paul Reid said it was a “very proud day for Ireland” after the figures were officially announced during Thursday’s weekly update.

“Today we’ll administer the 6 millionth #COVID19 vaccine. I’ve no idea who that person may be, but congratulations to them in advance!” Reid tweeted.

“A great milestone overall and a huge thanks are due to the Irish public & everyone involved in delivering this vaccination programme.”



Blown Away yet?

On average, 150 people attended each injection dispatch facility.

Walk-in vaccine centre success continues with 5,000 people in attendance on Saturday

The head of the HSE says 5,000 people attended walk-in Covid vaccination centres yesterday.


The head of the HSE says 5,000 people attended walk-in Covid vaccination centres yesterday.

Paul Reid says over 89 per cent of adults are now partially vaccinated, while more than 77 per cent have received their two doses.

The walk-in clinics continue today in over 20 locations.

They are open to people aged over 16 who have yet to receive their first dose.

Immunology Professor at Trinity College Dublin, Kingston Mills, is encouraging younger people to attend the clinics.

Prof Mills said: “This is fantastic news to see the enthusiasm for vaccination among the younger population, this is going to be an essential part of solving the problem of Covid-19 in the entire population so it’s very important that younger people get vaccinated as well as older people.”

Here are the locations and times for the walk-in vaccination centres operating this weekend

Src: https://archive.is/kbrmd

Kingston Mills a menace to public health and your children getting the usual free air time, why? WHY?

In a bought and paid for Media how does one get constant daily free air time to promulgate terror and clap the regime on… how? I just an’t think how. I’m lost… but I’d be blown away to find out I might even get a bit excited.

I wonder will ISAG members, like Mills & Co attended each and every funeral of a dead child who got a lethal injection, because Mills was so fantastically enthusiastic about it all, maybe perhaps they will see to it to run a gofundme for each and every child medically maimed, reparations ya know - reparations.

Reparations need to start now don’t ya think?

Pro-active Reparations for all.


Thank you. First things first, these are freemasons we’re dealing with, so obviously everything they say is a lie, viz.:

Kingston ‘dark satanic’ mills (?!?)
They’re getting 5000 a day? An affront to the Gospel (feeding the 5000).
77 percent? Significant, numerologically (if you believe that junk).

Quick sum;

Roughly 75% of the population is over 16. That’s, what, 3.75 million people.
5000 of 3.75 million is 0.1%, approx. It would take 70 days of voluntary injections to get to 77% (the last I heard it was 70%, a couple of weeks ago).

On top of that, 6 million stabs total, they say (surprised they didn’t wait for their favourite number) gives a rate of 14000 odd a day (average since Jan 1st). Yet they can only manage 5000 a day for this high profile, highly organised, and expensively funded operation?

Something wrong here…perhaps.