Executor Sale Clontarf, What to offer

Sorry guys to bore ye with another whats it worth but here goes. Havent viewed this house yet but its on a nice road in the middle of Clontarf. According to Ea it needs some modernisation, possibly rewiring but nothing structurally amiss. Considering its an executor sale would somewhere in the low 400s secure?

myhome.ie/residential/search … QHFO403851


300k. based on 1.5k a month rent. Nice address and period property account for the high valuation. 580k is mad but its Dublin…

What is the situation with parking? What are houses renting for in the area? Seems at least 125k too high to me.

Priced about right for the type of house and area it’s in. Wouldn’t go any higher though.

myhome says it has a rear access garage.

Found a link to Number 1 asking €650,000 in '02 - but divided into 4 flats - so that gives an idea of where they have pitched this. Also I am 99% sure that all of Hollybrook Road is listed, worth checking out, as this place obviously needs some work.

Saw this today out of curiousity - no intention to buy, needs a lot of work. EA says they have an offer of 570k on it. Seemed to have a lot of interest.

It’s probably just about big enough for a couple with no kids, no pets and space-economic hobbies such as internet and tv.

Two decent doubles and a fair size single room upstairs. Very few power points. Kitchen is tiny.

570k sounds unlikely to me

an offer being on the house sounds unlikely to me

I agree. Hell of a lot of work to be done. I said it was too high to the EA - blank face, well what would she say.