Exemption from vicarious liability by State is not just ....

I am posting this link on the central bank forum, as I believe it a decision taken by judges, that will open a new income stream for our distressed solicitors, and they do need help.

irishtimes.com/newspaper/ire … 58413.html

Ireland has a long history of radical jurisprudence like this. It has lead to endless legal cases. From a taxpayer’s point of view, this is a disaster. Effectively anybody who is hired by the somebody who is hired by the state is, as I read it, is now effectively contracted by the state.

Maybe some of the lawyers on the pin might comment. I coulld be wrong.

15-20% tax levies will follow

Yes it is true. This is why ICTU wants the state to nationalise eircom and thereby guarantee the debt for their brothers who own 35% of it …vicariously .

God, everything’s a conspiracy by the unions with some people. Are ICTU controlled by the Illuminati?

That would be the real meaning of the ‘I’ then?

Its an appalling judgement and yet again could open up the tax payer to endless liability if the report is correct. www.courts.ie to read the full judgement.

I believe that this judgement is not the appaling vista that some here seem to believe it is. This is dealing with a particular bit of lunacy which has existed in the legal system up to now in that even though a teacher is paid by the dept of education and subject to sanction and indeed dismissal by them the teacher is not in fact employed by them and the state is not liable for any action by that teacher as the state is not the employer. Utter nonsense that like many other similar arrangements in the public sector in this country need to be reformed mightily.

Would this be related to the child abuse case recently where the Dept. of Ed has argued that it has no responsibility for the actions of teachers it pays the salary of?

This was the minority judgement. The rest of the Supreme Ct backed the state, so rest easy lads.

It turns out it’s perfectly Ok for the State to pay the salary of rapists and abusers, fund every element of schools and what goes on there and yet have no responsibility for anything that happens there. I hope you all remember that when you’re sending your kids to school.

This judge is to be commended for his attachment to justice. The others should be ashamed of their defence of the indefensible.