Expressions from the Recession

The recession has given us many new expressions. Let’s record them.

**1. The banks aren’t lending.
2. Austerity isn’t working.
3. Burn the bondholders.
4. Get the economy moving again.
5. The current economic climate.
6. Where’s my NAMA?
7. We all lost the run of ourselves.
8. We are where we are.

Or there’d be no money in the ATMs.

I love that one. The public’s worst nightmare. Worse than death itself.

I’ve started a campaign on Facebook

  • We all partied.
  • people who missed out on the Celtic Tiger completely [they clearly didn’t].
  • Moral Hazard
  • Fiscal Multiplier
  • parri passu
  • we’re talking about people’s pensions here
  • we’re talking about paying nurses and gardai here
  • these people weren’t gambling you know
  • taking the tough decisions
  • we’re all to blame
  • we all got ahead of ourselves
  • We’ve turned the corner
  • There are green shoots of growth
  • The market is bottoming out

Death (or End) of the Celtic Tiger
Those who stayed longest at the party have the worst hangover
Long term economic value
Front-line staff

That money was just resting in my Special Purpose Vehicle.

I anticipate a soft landing

“Toxic bank”
“Legacy debt”

Never been a better time to buy.

as quoted in the first post “Austerity isn’t working”
I gave out to someone for using that at the weekend.
I told them not to spout that nonsensical rubbish.
As though Austerity versus the alternative was a voluntary policy choice.

  • Bumping along the bottom
  • Governments can’t create wealth or jobs, they can only create the conditions for businesses to create wealth and jobs. [Flies in the face of history and all evidence but the Irish neo-cons love it]
  • double dip recession
  • the peripherary
  • the core
  • Grexit
  • transfer union
  • disorderly exit
  • Firewall [against contagion]
  • Big Bazooka [to restore confidence]
  • downside risks
  • tail risks
  • Paddy likes to know what’s going on

Pillar Banks

Ghost estate.

In these recessionary times
young people forced to emigrate
The minister has done a U-turn
The Troika done it/made me do it
To satisfy our European neighbours, etc
working hard on our recovery
The government is committed to turning unemployment (etc) around
Unemployment/debt/emigration/brain drain is our biggest challenge
adjustments to the public finance
these are difficult decisions in difficult times
We understand people’s frustration
new facts about the scale of indebtedness leave less room for manouevre (cue u-turn)
the legacy of Fianna Fail
don the green jersey
we recognise the need for regulation of…

Don’t forget the expression that caused the whole recession in the first place ‘talking down the the economy’.

Confidence. … -thinking/

“The Most Vulnerable in Society.”

We’re all suffering

We are where we are