Expressions from the Recession

hard working families
curse of the Sean (Fitz, Quinn, Dunne, Mulryan, Haughey, Gallagher)
groupon deal - generic to cover all of them currently out there

I cant believe no one said it yet and it my personal pet hate, gets my hackles every time:

Going Forward

Long term economic value
nobody saw it coming
where’s my Nama

Hope for homeowners
Where’s our NAMA / NAMA for the people
Debt Forgiveness
The green economy
Bailed out the bondholders
The eighties were much worse
Balance the books… wish that one was tossed around a bit more a few years ago

Nobody can say what will happen to property prices.
Property prices have hit the bottom. Again.

promissory note
and my favourite…(I think it was brian lenihan at some stage in 2008…)
“We have turned the corner”


There’s value out there now

‘Death by a thousand cuts’
‘You young ones, you don’t know hard times’(bill cullen)
non-performing loans
moratorium on repossessions
greenspan,krugman,kelly,mcwilliams geither, king, bernanke, lagarde, strauss kahn,mcsrthy
haemorraghing cash
market cycle of emotions
german overlords
hard fought independence
stealth tax

The knowledge economy/smart economy
The double irish
Kickstart the market
Goldplated pensions
Extend and pretend / kick the can down the road
Soft landing

Apologies for repeats

“There can’t be capital flight, Ireland is an Island!”
“No one could have seen Lehmans coming.”

and the one that makes me practice the greatest restraint , “you were lucky you didn’t buy”.

“Property prices are starting to recover”

Anyone who uses that phrase seriously should, to quote Clarkson, be taken out in front of their family and shot.

Where’s MY NAMA? Because I’m worthless!

Staycation! : D4/D6 terminology for “We can’t really afford to get out of this damp little shit hole for a week”

The most overused phrase of this entire recession –

"The dogs in the street … "

We are where we are.

Going forward.

And not to forget the obligatory use of the word Innovation in all possible contexts, however irrelevant,

  • Pockets of resistance
  • Small segments of the market
  • 3/4 bed homes in south county dublin
  • Family homes
  • A house for life

Too big to fail
Struggling families

Over Correcting

I don’t think anyone has said Negative Equity!

Austerity Budgets

Projected Growth

Nagative Inflation (for a time)

Just remembered this after posting in the other thread.

“Ah you’re renting?”, “Aren’t youuuu lucky!!!”…

“Sure I knew it wasn’t going to last”. Yeah, sure…

“Exports are doing well”