Extension of Ringsend Sewage Treatment Plant

Residents lose challenge to extension of Dublin sewage plant

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This is a crazy waste of money.

The tunnel component will cost around €200m to build (*** it is basically half a Dart Underground*** or metro North ) a 5m diameter EPB Bored tunnel. Furthermore the geotechnical data is notoriously incomplete so the bids will come in high at around the €200m mark coz nobody wants to pay Irish Legal fees. :frowning:

Once the tunnel is built the savings on ‘enhanced treatment’ nowadays to ‘less enhanced’ treatment in future will be in the order of €3m a year. In other words we will borrow €200m , pay an interest bill of €6m a year, take 50 years to pay it off and get €3m back of the €6m leaving us €3m a year+ worse off every year in future. In fact it is hoped that the extortionate cost of this scheme will enable the introduction of sewage charges *so that the whole country *can help pay it off. :frowning:

The water will be no better in Dublin Bay as the enhanced treatment is in place today before discharge, they can reduce the enhancement as the effluent will be diluted better 9km out than it would be in Ringend.

In addition to the tunnel component the plant capacity will also be upgraded to handle 30% more Dublin shite in future. That is not an issue to my mind, only the mad tunnel scheme.

Green Economics at its very very worst, get rid of this lunatic legacy of that gobshite Gormley :frowning:

Waste report reveals EUR2bn funding need

Agency finds 44 areas discharging raw sewage into lakes, rivers and coastal areas

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