Extensions - Some Questions

Okay so I know literally nothing about extensions.

Say i want to buy 3 bed house with a view to extending it rather than a 4 bed - the thought process being a lower mortgage now (less risk) and save for the extension and do it in time. (say 8/10 years).

Is this nuts from a cost perspective?

What sort of cost are you talking about for say a small play room added onto the dining room? (say 10ft by 10ft)

Also how easy/difficult is it to add an extra bedroom via a two storey extension?

As i say I don’t have a clue on this area, so any help advise welcome in terms of cost, issues to watch out for etc. (or links to read)

Also what are people’s thoughts on attic conversions? Can the room be insulated enough to make it a warm enough? (any one i’ve been in has been cold during the winter) Rough costs?

No. Sensible enough. You pay what you can now and pay what you can afford at a later stage.

I would say you could get an extension for under 20K.

Easy enough, I would have thought.

I did an extension before so will send you some links by pm.

Thanks for the responses much appreciated and link would be good :smiley:

Do you know if a two storey extension would be more or less than double the €20k est? (this it get more or less complicated?)

On lunch break here, so will keep this brief. The additional expense often caused by a 2 storey extension (apart from extra labour & materials) is because you usually have to reconfigure the upstairs to get to the new bedroom. Often a new corridor has to go through a bedroom, which means you need another bedroom somewhere to compensate. Or a bathroom, but same problem. Depending on the existing layout, you often need more corridors, which is ‘wasted’ space. Plus the additional work to the existing building increases the costs & the ‘hassle factor’.

It can be done, and done really well, but you would need to carefully look at the house for its suitability for a 2 storey extension.

Thanks I kind of guessed as much but that confirms it.

Also need to think about Planning Permission.

One storey extensions usually get PP no bother. Two storey on the other hand may be appealed by neighbours, etc for blocking their light, overlooking house, etc

One story can usually be done without PP too.

If undet 40 m2 to rear and non-intrustive to front with no overlooking of adjacent
dwellings etc.
Get a site visit and professional advice from an architect if you 're serious- and pay the
man or woman!

Two storey extension can be significantly more challenging than a single storey. Single storey might involve little more than moving the sewage and knocking out a window. Apart from the build itself of course.

Two storey will more than likely require Planning Permission.
You will need the roof of the house to be changed to either extend or or replace the existing roof depending on type and condition of the existing roof. Older roofs and felts for example may not like being disturbed.
Two storey is heavier than one (obviously) so it’s a bigger site job and more structural supports needed.
An existing garage might not be able to carry a second floor & you might have to remove part of the gable wall for access.
Next to impossible to live in a house during such an invasive project too. Better to do all it now in my opinion if you can’t turn a bedroom into a bedsit for the duration of the project.

Would the cost of a two storey extension be more or less than buying a four bed instead of a 3 bed? A four bed with a convertable garage might be more cost effective in the long run

Thanks for the responses.

@ homemaker - 4 bed may be slightly cheaper in the end, but we’d have to borrow that now whereas the plan would be to save to do the extension in time (more/older kids at that time)