Extra day’s holiday for Central Bank staff

Stellar perfomance lads

Any job spec I get for the CBI starts with 29 days holidays. So exisiting staff now get a minimum of 30 days (plus flexi time on a 35 hour week XD )

Keep going at this rate and in a few years time the staff wont have to come into work at all.

Anglo’s performance was at that level for years and they eventually got the fabled 0 hour working week.


very high or exceptional performance

Weak management. Has all the look of a stroke.

The staff look for extra monetary reward for doing their basic job. Management are currently prohibited from giving any more money so they give an extra days leave instead. In a few years time when the pay restrictions are removed the staff sell back the additional day - which by the Central Banks own calculation is worth 800k.

I have been saying it for the last few years, but all this talk of change in the PS/CS is pure bullshit. Very little has changed… working practices are still much the same…the useless still can’t be fired- they just get put somewhere lese where they can cause the least harm…pay is just waiting to jump back to CT levels once a few greenshoots appear…mgmt are as inept as ever…unions still have way too much power and a particularly awkward local official can cause all sorts of shit even when clearly in the wrong etc etc

We wasted a good crisis …we still have a 19th century system

Wouldn’t be 100% sure it’s over yet.

Well i am a public servant ( a university lecturer) and in addition to having my take home pay reduced by 22 per cent I have has my contract of employment unilaterally changed it states that my working week is now limited by be European Working time directive and my workload has increased massively, not quite doubling but not far off. My sister who is a nurse is close to collapse because her working week has been increased to 40 hours (+6-8 hours handover to the next/ last shift). Her branch of nursing is really physically demanding.

But apart from sweating down conditions of people at the front line and crushing morale, has there been any reform? No. The universities and the HSE are still chronically overstaffed with pointless administrators working 35 hours doing God knows what. I support compulsory redundancy in these cases, as far as I am concerned if they had been introduced there would have has to be fewer cuts elsewhere.

But on a point of information the Central Bank staff (like NAMA) are not part of the public sector ‘reform’ process. The Haddington Road agreement has not been applied to them for instance which is why, unlike all other public servants they are being given extra days off and proposed pay increases. IMO singing out CB and NAMA staff for kid glove treatment when gouging nurses is totally indefensible. As are levels of staffing at the CB for that matter.

  • 1000 as one who works at second level with Mrs P an exhausted nurse. Strangely enough she left a better paid job in the Private sector a few years ago. She can’t wait to get back.

I cannot be certain about the Central Bank but definitely Haddington Road was applied to NAMA. link: thejournal.ie/ntma-pay-cuts-922276-May2013/
Fairly sure it was applied to the Central Bank also. EDIT: it doesn’t, but they mirrored other public sector reforms: rte.ie/news/2013/0912/473894 … agreement/
centralbanking.com/central-b … king-hours

Yes, the Central Bank staff did follow Haddington Road, in a phased in basis

I heard that within the last few weeks they’ve sorted out one of the “concession” days which may also apply to the CB.

Either the King or Empire day has been finally cancelled but as compensation there’s two free days this year (or maybe next year). Wise heads are taking a wait and see approach to whether the holiday will ever be truly eliminated.

Also while Mocame has mentioned again a “22%” cut, I’ll ask again the question that was ignored last time how much of this was taxation, and what level of increments have been paid over the last 6 years or so? Here’s some info on scales tui.ie/pay-and-conditions/sa … .1578.html and taxcalc.eu will help work out the tax side of things. Also what was the increase in that salary between 2000 and 2009?

I’m sorry but come on. Come back to me when she’s doing 80 hours for no extra pay.

And that will make a difference how?