Fairview WIW

Any thoughts on these two? I know the first on looks like a total banger but is the second one worth 165k more?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -3/2669106

collapso.net/Sale-Property/m … id=2656093

Was the price of the second one too bubbly and that is why it was withdrawn?

In the first one, the need for a complete interior refurbishment might worry me less than those ominous stains on the attic wall in picture 8.

It looks a big job and not the kind of thing you could do a room at a time, while living there; so there’s a lot of work upfront and then rental costs/ opportunity cost of needing a full mortgage and not being able to sell your previous home while you do it.

As for the aesthetics, IMO, the render is ugly, but either stripping it off or else a neutral pale stone/cream paint job would help a lot, though the latter, only so far, if it was the only one rendered in its terrace.

200K would seem more reasonable than the currently sought 259K, given its state of disrepair, the tiny yard left to it now that a parking lot occupies its rear – while possibly not overlooked, one would have to anticipate parking traffic and car-lock alarms while trying to enjoy the sunny southerly aspect.

The second, 170 Philipsburgh Avenue, is on a busy street. No, it’s not worth 166K more to many who enjoy silence.

Well I was due to view this and rang the EA someone has already offered the asking price, why would someone offer the full asking price straight away…who are these people? I have seen a number of properties on first viewing and people have offered the asking straight away, do they think it will dissuade people from bidding do they not know this will set a ‘baseline’? It seems pretty brainless to me especially if somewhere is not worth it. Unless its investors who in my opinion are ruining the market for genuine home seekers, I have seen it in my area houses sell for cash and appear on the market with generic low grade retro fits 3 months later for 100k more than they sold for…it is very disheartening I must say. There should be a ban on making a profit from a residential home in the first 3 years.

Drove by yesterday on way to work and saw that it was sale agreed. Anyone have any idea what it went for? Must admit I was shocked to hear that they had an offer of the asking price of 430k when nothing within a two hundred yard radius has sold for more than 330k in recent years. Then again, someone on here last week said that a small renovated 3 bed in Brian Road in Marino had an offer of 430k . Depending on whether you are a buyer or a seller, the old Dickens quote applies-

“It was the best of times/it was the worst of times”

Could you please clarify? The house at 170 Philipsburgh Avenue, asking 425K, sold at 430 or the house at 3 Melrose Avenue, asking 259K? It’s very hard to believe that someone thinks it worth more than 425K to live on Philipsburgh Avenue.

its an area that I reckon will be gentrified before too long,the asking price was actually quite reasonable and would offer the purchaser to put their own stamp on it…will stop now as sounding like an e/a pecking away on a sales brochure.
If I was late twenties early thirties again this is somewhere I would seriously consider,close enough to Clontarf but within walking distance to city centre.

Sorry croquette I meant the house at 170 Philipsburgh Avenue.

170 Philipsburgh Avenue sold for 492k
propertypriceregisterireland.com … and-97552/

That is a crazy price. Genuinely shocked at that. One about 10 doors down went for about 150k less about 6 months ago! Needed a bit of work and all but still…

I have been looking in this area recently and it is genuinely scary the panic that has gripped people, I had a reasonable bid in for a house in very poor condition and someone upped it by 28k cash in one go, which back fired cos the last I heard it was 45k above this again (house needed 40k work and 70k+ to be extended to full family home). I know people who bought here in the boom (05)and some houses are going for not much less than that, they are average small council houses (which suits me), I am very surprised that banks are lending for these valuations because they are very very very over priced at present. Here and drumcondra have become over priced and a good study in the ‘will we ever learn’ scenario.

Vested interests. This is lifting the banks entire book.

€70k for an extension - made of gold?

What size was the house and how much of an extension did it need?

Seems everytime a regular 3/4 bed house comes up massive Celtic Tiger round sum figures are quoted for the refurb/extension

this thread on boards.ie is a classic example

boards.ie/vbulletin/showthre … 2057132596

Thats 70k for refurb and extension and I am quoting prices from a house 2 doors down that was getting refurbed and extended…so 35-40k for complete refurb (and that means complete) and 25k for an extension…I don’t think this sounds unreasonable. Of course you could do it cheaper or dearer but I think this is a good average