"False economy to scrap Metro North project"

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Does the composer of the letter work in the contruction or a related industry by any chance?

Well, he lives in Swords.

ah well if thats the case lets have 2 of them Jason, God forbid we should have tens of millions of euro sitting in a bank :unamused:

In all fairness, Metro North and the Interconnector or Dart Underground both need to be built. They are vital to Leinster’s economy over the next 20 years. Both projects seem to be PPP now, the Metro North entirely, and the Interconnector partially.

Not building them would be a grave mistake ala Dart not being completed in the 80’s.

This is a myth. Who will pay this levy? My guess is developers and smaller landowners. Developers should be bankrupt so NAMA will pick up the tab there. And where will the landowners get the cashflow to pay this levy?

So you and me will pay these levies.

I suppose we will be providing a vital public transport link to the countryside in North county Dublin.

For the life of me, I just don’t understand why we are going to have THREE separate rail based public transport systems with virtually NO interconnectivity.

Its fucking bonkers.

And while we are on the subject why, WHY do we have ticketing systems that seem to be designed to make you miss the bloody train/dart/luas?

Why can’t we have a zonal system with a SINGLE BUTTON for each zone. Why do we have to go through about 10 slow moving screens just to get a bloody ticket. Because they are expensive and look nice?

Ouch! :laughing:

It is not worth building @ €5bn , anything over €2bn would be a waste of money .

Interconnector will cost at least double that , €4bn

Both an airport metro and the interconnector are indeed required over the next 20 years although you could also run a spur west from baldoyle and make it all a super interconnector overground .

“false economy” realisation grips nation…

Why? And at what cost are these projects too much for the “leinster economy” to bear? Or was the Metro another of Bertie’s pet projects. The north of the city already has a strategic public infrastructure that is totally underutilised in the port tunnel. Dr. Sean Barrett was on the radio a couple of months ago saying that if there was a high frequency bus connection between the airport (and even Swords if you want) and the point depot that linked up with the luas, you could get large numbers of people into the city very quickly.

Or are we just “worth it”

Something that always bothered me. There is a line running north from Heuston station under Phoenix park. Where does it go?

If we don’t get metro north, Dublin will be the only capital city in Europe with no rail link to it’s airport!

Lansdowne and the Airport have both paid substantial levies to date in relation to the Metro.

The reason there is still no train service from Dublin to Donegal is because so many TDs think Donegal is in Norn Ireland.
Pinsters know that it’s not - but ask your TD, which is better for our country, a metro link in Dublin or a proper rail service from Dublin to Donegal, and all you’ll get is an answer like, ah yes, but Donegal is different.
Different how, Minister?


In fairness, you get subsidised flights from the Public exchequer and capital grants for Donegal Airport.

If you had the metro in Dublin, you’d be into town like a flash after arriving at the Airport, you see this is a project that benefits the whole of the country… :smiling_imp:

It connects to Connolly Station

Budapest has no rail connection to its main terminal, Terminal 2.
There is a rail connection to the older, smaller Terminal 1, which is miles away from T2, which is on the opposite side of the airport.
(Ryanair fly to T1, Aer Lingus to T2, T1 being a few miles CLOSER to the city. So for once, Ryanair fly you nearer than the other airlines!)

Lansdowne or landowners?

From buckplanning.blogspot.com/2009/01/metro-north-gets-50m-boost-from.html

Wow €50 million Why are we even having this debate when we already have €50 million Go go go

There may be some value in NAMA after all

By the way the taxpayer is the owner of the DAA so these assets are our assets (don’t get me started again on the airport city

Fine, I accept your points but there does seem to have been some money collected already and you can’t deny that a metro project and indeed any improvment in public transportation in the city would be a good thing for the taxpayer.

Perhaps there is a more efficient way to accomplish this but to my mind, Metro North looks like a sub optimal solution in the first instance and should be a far bigger project.

did they actually COLLECT that levy ??

Except of course Taxi drivers and the other airport transport routes.