Familes to get tax bills for Airbnb earnings


San Francisco votes on Proposition F today: Initiative to Restrict Short-Term Rentals.

SF Examiner: Airbnb has become its own worst enemy

Wired: San Francisco Is Ground Zero for an Airbnb Freakout


Airbnb has delisted many Berlin rentals.


Because city authorities will be clamping down from 1st May on those who do not have a short-term letting permit.

Could this ever happen in Dublin?


Followup: Berlin bans short-term rental of full apartments to tourists:

independent.co.uk/news/world … 08891.html


[**NOT happy with next door neighbour running an Air Bnb from their house.



How does this affect the rent a room scheme - revenue specifically call out that self contained units qualify under the scheme: https://www.revenue.ie/en/personal-tax-credits-reliefs-and-exemptions/land-and-property/rent-a-room-relief/what-type-of-residence-qualifies.aspx


Seem to be just for short term lettings.
“commercial rates bill”
Afaik commercial rates are handled by the valuation office. https://www.valoff.ie/en/

People need to be careful with these utopian tech disrupters, who play fast and loose with the rules.
What can happen is that the citizen may be left holding the bag for commercial tax liabilities they inadvertently accrue.
The state has to protect it’s tax income. Every cent that the state spends is a cent that has to be taken in through taxation. (this is why it’s important to have an efficient (small as possible) and accountable government)