Fancy a game of cards?


For some time I have wondered are many pinsters aware of the existence of what is a most fascinating and controversial card game that has been around since the early 90’s it and even earlier, based around and containing all manner of ideas that still seem highly relevant to this world. Yet I don’t seem to recall it’s appearance on the pin ever as often occurs all across the web. Often it is posted or referenced in light of a recent or historical event or to point out broad themes being pushed or put into action, as are perceived in daily life when they feel it illustrates the point more succinctly.

So here it is…

Funny thing I have that book but I never got around to reading it and now it’s in storage. Ok so let’s have a quick peak at some infamous cards.

Intersting … here’s one for the pinster that I hadn’t seen till writing this post.

Here is a topical one and many people have spotted this likeness… :confused:

I think this one made me pay more attention…

This one is also very topical. :nin

This site probably among many has the entire set. I’ve used a search engine to find various links, so t’s all rather random. I do not condone any linked site. All links are linking images to showcase.

Now you know know it exists if you did not. You might begin to find it every where. 8)

Kung Flu - Gaming the Matrix?

I have to admit, these guys:

… to me look more like philosopher Saint Thomas Aquinas and astronomer royal Martin Rees:

And these:

… are the spit of Daryl Hall and John Oates (who are presumably being hung for offenses against 1980s pop music):


I’ve still got these on my desk in work.


It’s probably time to create the Pin edition.


Presumably this is contender for a picture card in the deck: