Fantasy NAMA Board

So. Applications now being sought for the nama board. 7 spots available for the minister to fill. Whom would you put there? My picks…

Morgan Kelly ; to keep them grounded
Shane Ross ; to persecute the banks
Gene Kerrigan ; for social conscience
Donie Cassidy ; for balance…
Mick Wallace ; for sense on building
Peter Matthews ; to ferret out assets
Henk van der Kamp; to get a sense of planning…

so who would you put there and why?

Oversight?! In Ireland ?!!.. it’d be about as organised as …

Blue Horseshoe

Based on his comments during Liam Carroll’s recievership application, Judge Peter Kelly.

Mick McCarthy to write strongly worded letters…

Purely for entertainment value…

Bertie Ahern
Seanie Fitzpatrick
Marc Coleman
Frank Fahey
Tom Parlon
Fingers Fingleton
One of the Bailey Bros

Bertie Ahern
George Lee
Sean Fitzpatrick
Vincent Browne
Austin Huges
David McWilliams
Joe Duffy

what about “Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die” ? One ring to bind them etc

Elizabeth Warren: knows a little about banking oversight
Michael O’Leary: gets things done and keeps costs down
Shane Ross: for the same reasons as already given
George Lee: as the token ‘politico’, it might as well be someone who knows what they’re doing
Eddie Hobbs: as the voice of the “man on the street”
Warren Buffett: as the voice of commerce.

Blue Horseshoe

  • Liz O’Kane
  • Marian Finnegan
  • Ken McDonnell
  • Michael Lynn

To give NAMA any hope we would need:

Galileo Galilei
Genghis Khan
Joan of Arc
Michael Jackson

Since none of these people are available I fear we are lost. :neutral_face:

Noam Chomsky
Elliot Spitzer
Morgan Kelly
Bertie Ahern
Ivan Yates
Bill Cullen
Tom Dunne As Bill Cullen
Fabio Capello
Brian Cody

More likely

Seanie Fitzpatrick - knows about banking
John Hurley - knows how to keep the banks in line
Pat Neary - ensure that the process is regulated properly
Liam Carroll - knows about developing
Bertie Aherne - has political connections
Tom Parlon - can turn himself to support anything (as long as he is being paid)
Michael Lynn - legal advice on property matters.

The magnificant 7 - unbeatable :laughing:

Kevin McCloud as it is the ultimate in Grand Designs.

Duncan Stewart because an open vent is vital.

Michael Davitt
Karl Marx
Che Guevara
Hannibal Lecter
Dr Mengele
Roy Chubby Brown
Joseph Stalin for balance

Anni-Frid Lyngstad
Agnetha Fältskog
Stig Anderson
Benny Andersson

for backing music

NAMA, at Waterloo Napoleon did surrender!
now Ireland’s met its destiny in quite a similar way
the history book on the shelf
is always repeating itself!

Waterloo, Waterloo, Waterloo,

NAMA, how could we ever refuse it!
We feel like we win when we lose!

Waterloo, Waterloo, Waterloo!

Anne Frank - expert in shoebox sized properties.
Buffy - vampire slayer, bound to be a popular choice with the garlic sucking minister.
Mr T - collections.
Joe Duffy - empathy.
Dr Who - timelord, needed to figure out long term economic value.
Shakira - to deliver committee updates, her hips don’t lie.
Jim Corr - to make sure the others aren’t part of an alien conspiracy.

Its been a Mickey Mouse operation so far so why move away from that:

& of course Dopey

Reflective of the excess of the tiger era borrowing binge followed by the post Nama painful hangover and rehab, id go with the Party Animal lineup

Ozzy Osbourne
Keith Richards
Steven Tyler
Keith Moon
Jim Morrison
Jimi Hendrix
Bon Scott


What about the Fantasy NAMA Board of Pinsters?

I’d start with:
Mr Anderson
Fuinneog ar Oscailt
(room for a few more volunteers here)

Then throw in:
Brendan from
Frank Fahy
Bbbbbbertie Ahern
Donie Cassidy
Tom Parlon
Donal Caulfield
Seán Dunne
Ciarán Maguire of Cape Verde fame

I’m thinking of a large locked cage type of venue, with a variety of blunt weapons available. Board meetings every Friday night on pay-per-view. A solid beating followed by a short and sharp review of outstanding loans when all the morons are unconscious.

The board would also have the power to compel parties to appear before them in the cage.

Might make enough on pay-per-view to cover a tiny fraction of the annual legal bill.

PS Oilman, I think John Bonham should be there or thereabouts in your lineup…

‘PS Oilman, I think John Bonham should be there or thereabouts in your lineup…’

knew i forgot someone