Far Right Mongers Draft Watch

Eastwall was really the start of it, uniform painting of all protest as “far-right”, it’s not working but more are being drafted into the effort, this topic is for tracking the far-right-monger Draft. :money_mouth_face:

First off, Rory Hearne has gone full-far-right-mongering

The replies are priceless. Pure Gold.

  1. ‘We have’ solutions
    - this is a premeditated crime
  2. ‘There’s’ over 200,000 vacant homes
    - something exists and I don’t own it
  3. ‘We can provide homes’
    - I’m planning on stealing it

Implicit in this is theft, plain and simple.
Something exists that you don’t have and you plan to ‘provide’ it. It isn’t yours and the missing step between 2 and 3 is crime.


Their trolls are out on twitter to handle *any uncomplimentary replies.


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“More Blacks, More Dogs more Irish”


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Damien Dempsey Says Vote Gino Kenny No.1

Convicted murderer…

“Housing Campaigner” by day (Headline) “Priest” by candle light vigil?

Archived and un-paywalled: https://archive.ph/rvuIi

Fr. Peter McVerry S.J.

See the cost of living poster in the background…

Since then:
More Food price inflation
War in Ukraine (70k+ Ukrainian refugees)
+Bumper Year for migration with some of questionable origin. (You’re not allowed to question that…)
+Record numbers of homeless.
+Housing/rental crisis
+Rudderless government (in terms of housing)

“I haven’t been up there and I haven’t spoken to anybody from Ballymun in relation to the protests,”

What kind of game are these people playing at?

(IMHO: Yes to help people as best as you can, but no to acting blind to the causes.)

Ah, you have to laugh

Racist lies not just ordinary lies!

Menace hires.

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