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Not the north as stated in the tweet of course

Quiz time in the Telegraph

12ft | I’m sick of people with an ounce of common sense being labelled ‘far-Right’

I’m sick of people with an ounce of common sense being labelled ‘far-Right’

Justifiable annoyance is stigmatised by a sanctimonious class that largely escapes the consequences of its own idealistic opinions

ALLISON PEARSON14 February 2023 • 6:03pm

  1. Following 371 grassroots, anti-migrant protests in the past 18 months, rallying around the slogan “Ireland is Full”, Leo Varadkar says Ireland needs to be “fair and firm and hard” with people who arrive in the country with a false story and return them to their countries. Is the Taoiseach:

A. Pandering to far-Right sentiment?
B. Betraying his liberal, globalist credentials?
C. Finally waking up to the fact that ordinary, decent Irish people have had enough, notably a large number of female protesters following reports of migrants mistreating women and children?

Sounds familiar

TBH they’re just buying time, until the next thing, but for once nothing they do will work. Too many boys crying wolf you see. The villagers DGAF anymore.

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Ah ha ha ha!

Yes Minister flagged by beleaguered counter-terror Prevent scheme Yes Minister and The Thick of It were flagged by beleaguered counter-terror Prevent scheme | Daily Mail Online

Some of Britain’s most popular sitcoms and greatest works of literature were flagged as potential signs of far-Right extremism by a counter-terror programme.

The flagship Prevent scheme, recently the subject of a scathing audit, singled out comedies Yes Minister and The Thick Of It, the 1955 epic war film The Dam Busters, and even The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare as possible red flags of extremism.

It said the works of fiction were ‘key texts’ for ‘white nationalists/supremacists’.

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eejit for hire

Whatever the pay it’s not worth your soul.

Far-right eejits don’t even recognise anthem of the nation they claim to value - Gene Kerrigan

Archive link: https://archive.is/wwBvg

British writer Warsan Shire put it in a few words: “No one puts their children in a boat unless the water is safer than the land.”

Proves something very big. That is very obvious. :ninja:

Remember the Unions, the original mega NGO’s the mother NGO’s… must be getting nervous, what with the NGO market place getting so crowded these days, gotta think about the subs, what better way than to talk down to the Irish people from having too much to think.

NGO sibling

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This Friday’s Fake and Gay distraction.

Archive link: https://archive.is/L8wg1

Worried about it like he was the covids. So nothing to worry about then.

It’s all so fake and gay and can you believe Panto has gotten them this far and that Panto is also a weapon of mass destruction.

More scraping the barrel and flogging the dead kybalion that’s also darkly hilarious.


So criminals are worried the imported criminals might destabilise their operations is that it?

Maybe there was one more shake we didn’t spot after all.

Remember folks what we’ve learned today, protesting against the regime is organised crime.

Now can you guess which big crime gang is worried about “people” disrupting their operations? :whistle: