Farewell Canny?


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himself and the wife are two former maths teachers… if they’d been Irish they would have gone into politics


Probably a good time to be cashing in half the portfolio in the UK. The correction is coming/ underway.


It was in the news last year when they started selling off their portfolio. Presumably they’ll be spending some of their windfall on some massive furniture to match their massive armchairs.

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Poor couple shrinking fiercely as they age :smiley:

Have to say, fair dues to them.


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Majority of their properties on short term leases.

Private landlords will no longer be able to evict tenants at short notice without good reason under new plans.

The government says it wants to protect renters from “unethical” landlords and give them more long-term security.

Section 21 notices allow landlords to evict renters without a reason after their fixed-term tenancy period ends.

The National Landlords Association said members were forced to use Section 21 because they had “no confidence” in the courts to settle possession claims.