Farmer McSavvy on Pat Kenny


There’s a farmer on Pat Kenny talking about how hard and unfair the banks are being.

The farmer is underwater due to his property development schemes going wrong.

One more time: the farmer is underwater due to his property development schemes going wrong.

He has just referred to himself as a “small farmer”, and it’s unfair to burden a “small farmer” with debt repayment.

I’d tell you more but my radio has just been thrown out the window.


It is nauseating radio. Texters not being sympathetic.

“I’m a very ambitious person Pat, and I’m progressive” …“We’ve no Nama, Pat”


Offering the bank 2.5% fixed until Dec 2012

“I shouldn’t have got that money!”


Ah but he’s a good farmer and well known around the locality as a good farmer.


A lot of people not happy with him though. He makes it sound that he was just unlucky “Anyone could have walked into the bank and got a loan for three sites”.

Had he flogged them on he’d be saying “When I was 21 I walked into the jungle and when I walked out, boy I was rich”
Then he’d get a job on Dragon’s den.
I have very little sympathy.


I’m still rather in shock at that item. PK very, very rarely takes calls on air from punters like this and I cannot understand what it was about that particular chap that merited him getting airtime.


Pat Kenny “We don’t want the banks putting Irish farmers out on the side of the road”

Farmer / developer then uses the line about the banks practicaly forcing money on a poor fellow like himself and now that we’ve given them 24 billion, they should “lighten up”

I think my radio will be following Larry’s out the window.

As per another thread, if this mass bailout for indebted “small developers” goes through I will be bailing out of the country.


I’ll say it again, we’re so totally fucked. And still people do not realise it.


Absolutely. Denial all the way.

Why do people think we are anywhere else? (e.g. when the quarterly property pin market sentiment survey is done?)

Denial. Denial. Denial.


Farmer quits farming to enter the more lucrative fast paced highs of property development game to make money, it goes horribly wrong and owes lots of money to the banks, reverting back to farmardom claiming “I’m a farmer get me out of here”?

What bit have I missed?

He should have claimed to have the reading ability of a 7 year old.


You guys are missing the point,
all his subsidies are now in danger of being swallowed by HIS development debts. REPS, headage, single payment etc all gone, sure no small farmer can survive without these bail outs …


Business bad? Fuck you, pay me. Oh, you had a fire? Fuck you, pay me. Place got hit by lightning, huh? Fuck you, pay me.


Split from Bubble radio.


Precisely because this kind of gombeen whinging about loosing millions in the context of other folk being bankrupted by a 300 K mortgage is the stuff that gets the listeners frothing at the mouth, texting and tweeting in a frenzy of indignation. Why, it even brought otherwise level headed pinsters to the brink of an apoplectic crisis.

My guess its leaf from Joe Duffy school of broadcasting…it makes for good radio figures.

Can’t wait to podcast it tho’ 8)


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"Farmer McSavvy on Pat Kenny"


The reality may be beginning to sink in. I think many people thought that the change of Government would be enough to herald some sort of exit-type gombeenery which would transport us all back to 2006.

This country is sinking in a rivers worth of fiscal deficit, a sea of banking/sovereign debt and an oceans worth of personal debt. The scale of this is enormous.

Theres no way we can gombeen our way out of this.

We’re fucked


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That’s why I reckon our best bet is to sit reasonably tight and blame the EU/IMF when it all goes tits up. It’s their plan after all… and mostly their money.

In the meantime, change the bankruptcy laws to match those in, say, France or Germany or the UK or somewhere where they are relatively mild, but unarguably the ‘norm’ for Europe (actually the UK is probably a bad model). Say the IMF told us to, in a sullen voice, while kicking our heels against the wall…




Pat has talked before of his own investments going wrong.
I hope he’s not letting it influence editorial judgement.