Farmer McSavvy on Pat Kenny

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Old MacSavvy had a farm ei ei o :smiley:

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That’s why I reckon our best bet is to sit reasonably tight and blame the EU/IMF when it all goes tits up. It’s their plan after all… and mostly their money.

In the meantime, change the bankruptcy laws to match those in, say, France or Germany or the UK or somewhere where they are relatively mild, but unarguably the ‘norm’ for Europe (actually the UK is probably a bad model). Say the IMF told us to, in a sullen voice, while kicking our heels against the wall…


Pat has talked before of his own investments going wrong.
I hope he’s not letting it influence editorial judgement.

and the tsunami the better

Well first up this guy is/was a property developer, so that’s why he is fooked not because he’s a farmer.

You’re right, the aul, sure I’m Irish and a cute hoor at that will not work anymore.

The number of farmers with 2 or 3 one offs they cannot sell is astounding, at least 2 of these characters in every parish in Ireland.

Time for a verse or two from the second great epic poem of rural Ireland …the first being Kavanaghs Great Hunger and the Other being **Drumsnot **by Brian O Rourke

Spot on PtG, spot on.

Very few people I know seem to realise just how fucked we are, and what the likely effect on our society will be over the next few years.

Apart from the fact that the grip the bizarre cult of gombeenery which is Fianna Fáil has held on a large proportion of Ireland’s voters for decades seems to have been finally broken, I’m struggling to find any reasons to be positive about our future prospects.

I had hoped that the new government would at least commit themselves to transparency and accountability.

“You might not agree with the decisions we will take in government, but you will be told the full unvarnished truth about what the current situation is, what we propose to do and why we propose to do it.” Instead of this, we get more of the same “We’ve got this under control, just keep paying your taxes and don’t worry your wee simple heads about it” bullshit.

Same goes for our two “new” pillar banks which will “get credit flowing again”. Never mind the fact that the two “new” banks happen to be AIB and BOI, with the same fuckwit senior managers who signed off on the insanely risky developer loans and who encouraged the madness of interest-only and buy-to-let empires. Accountability? Sorry son, that’s just not done around these parts.

Where are the innovative policies? Where are the experimental pilot initiatives which could at least generate some positive international media coverage of Ireland as a nation trying to reinvent itself as a different and better place? Where is the imagination? Where is the willingness to say “Well we’re pretty fucked either way, so let’s give this idea a shot”?

And all this in the country with probably the strongest tradition of emigration of any country in the world. From a young age, everyone here learns about emigration and most people have family members who live abroad.

In the past few months, I have heard about more and more people who are leaving Ireland even though they have good permanent jobs and either no debt or a very manageable personal debt. Either most of their circle of friends are emigrating and they don’t want to be left here with no mates, or some of them see the direction Ireland is going and want out. They don’t want to spend the best years of their lives paying a fortune in taxes to a failed state with skeleton services and a deeply dysfunctional society. Neither do I.

We can certainly put some of the blame on the EU and European banks, but the facts remain that we are in this situation because of idiotic and greedy decisions made by Irish people - bank officials, public servants, politicians, private “entrepreneurs” and the rest. If you look at the mess Ireland has gotten itself into over the past 10 or 15 years, I think it is logical to conclude that a large proportion (if not a majority) of Irish people have gombeen tendencies. Talk about ideas like transparency, meritocracy and proper accountability and most people will look at you like you’ve two heads. That mentality lead to the parasite growing so large it became bigger than the host.

I am happy to have been born in Ireland and to hold an Irish passport, but I am not defined by my “Irishness” and I don’t feel any loyalty to the fucked-up “state” of Ireland which is currently circling the fiscal plughole. There is an exciting networked-up world out there with lots of opportunities and you only have one life to live.

Unless something radical happens soon, it is likely that most people who are in a position to leave Ireland will do so over the next few years. They are the people the government is counting on to pay the interest on our enormous debts, and their deposits are keeping our banks afloat. They are also the people who would be needed if a serious effort was to be made to rebuild Ireland as a better state (wishful thinking of course…).

I’m making plans to leave soon, and I would strongly suggest that others consider doing the same.

Then Farmer McSavvy and all the other McSavvys can ring up Pat Kenny and Joe Duffy and whinge to their heart’s content while the elderly, those who couldn’t leave and of course the gombeens (who will still be playing the system & smiling) listen in.

It’s a cargo cult. They’re obviously expecting money to start falling from the sky.

Not unreasonable if you’re an Irish farmer I s’pose…it always has before.

I’m going to miss that radio…besides there was at least two more days left in them batteries…

Listened to a podcast of this interview last night.

This guy is such a complete incarnation of cute hoorism, he’s a caricature of himself. If he is in any way representative of yer average Paddy, then there really is no hope.

I don’t know where they dug him out of, but its clear from Pat’s questioning that either he or the producer was banging the drum that the Irish banks, having indulged in reckless lending, should take some of the hit.

Worth listening to, its salutary.

I wonder is he personally liable for these loans. If so, you can’t really blame him for kicking up a fuss, he’ll lost everything.

That’s why its called investment…there’s this thing called risk that the McSavvys ignore.

Bang on the money there, dirtysquatter

I’m not saying I agree with the man, I am just saying I understand his point of view. The professional classes who are only one level above him have been bailed out. It’s not a huge stretch for him to think that he deserves a bailout too.

There are a lot of professional classes in his level who have not been bailed out.

There seems to be a lot of nonsense about class in this country where people on 50KE are somehow equated with people on 500KE as all being middle class.

No they haven’t, solicitors ( those once reliant on conveyancing) and dentists and now GPs who recently bought practices are all facing oblivion even if they are not sunk into Quinlan type Private Equity Schemes or silly self inflicted investment properties.

The only ones who got their bailout are top 5 companies in Soliciting and Accountancy!!

Its the gombeens in Gucci and limos who were bailed out…or simply let off the hook. Examples of their ilk can now be found dining in the company of Prince Albert :-GC