What are they at…

has anyone been on their website recently?

If you have a job then I presume not but as our workforce is key to our struggle with Mr recession its all our business what goes on in FAS. I note that they only have one programming course available…

and over 70 construction related courses…

Anyone else think this is a scandal? considering how much it costs to run the place? Newsworthy at the very least in my opinion.

good point and another reason why we’re fucked!

Look lads I mentioned on another thread that Mary Coughlan announced that they were increasing places to train BER assessors…FFS The one’s that have been trained already cannot make a living out of it ( I know I did the course and passed!! :smiling_imp: )… as long as we have numpties like the shower in power we will get nowhere… XX

realistically, how long would it take to train an unemployed brickie to become a JAVA or .NET specialist? Batty and Cockie think it can be done in a few days…

Never. Or nearly never. On average. You might get one in ten with both the aptitude and the endurance to make it. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try, it just means you will have a hard job. Basic maths and, more particularly, english and logic skills are missing. IMO. (Missing from a lot of graduates too, particularly the endurance, but that’s another argument!).

Agreed. The reality is that it would be far more efficient to try to effect the schooling system to push people towards these type of roles that it would be to train unemployed constructions workers. The schooling system would have an effect over a 5-10 year time frame.

As well as the skills mentioned you’d also need a good attitude. Dealings with those in this industry and seeing them at work and dealing with one another would suggest an impossible task. There’s a downright rudeness and abusiveness in most of the under 40’s in this industry. No pride in the work they do, even in current times. It’s all about grabbing the money. I’ve specifically instructed my mother to only hire over 50’s for work she needs done.

Bad attitude is something that is unfortunately very contagious and very hard to change.