Fast cars offered to potential house-buyers in Wexford

Fast cars offered to potential house-buyers in Wexford

Developers in Co Wexford are turning to fast cars in an effort to overcome the slowing house market. Meadowcraft Developments, a Leinster development company, is giving away cars worth €20,000 as an incentive to buy a house in an estate just outside Wexford town.

Tá an scéal ar fad [*anseo * (

Such garbage - a buyer would much prefer to have € 20K off the mortgage than a ‘fast’ (for € 20K it must be really fast, etc!!) stupid car when buying a house. Honestly, when are these clowns going to wake up? :unamused:

I think you are misreading this offer. They didn’t sit down and say “How can we encourage buyers to buy now that they have deserted the market” instead they started out with. “How do we drop the price without actually dropping the price?” They are less concerned with making an enticing offer and more concerned with obfustication. The only problem here is they are either bricklayers or politicians by trade and they have no idea how to sell, nor do they have any idea about economics nor do they understand how to build properly. In fact these muppets just don’t know what is going on at all and are as likely to vist a palm reader as en economist. And if they did vists an economist they would more that liklely vist a Desperate Dan type of Economist. So you can see their lot is not an easy lot and they are to be pitied.

:slight_smile: hadn’t heard that one before.

If some chancer told me he was going to “throw” in a car to sweeten the deal I would tell him either the cash equiv off the price or go forth and multiply. These are the modern equivalent of the dodgy used car sales men in their sheepskin jackets.
Anyone who is stupid enough to fall for something like this deserves the deal that they get. No way I would want some bland car that I didn’t find myself and be happy with.

Can you imagine it. Brand new estate -all the houses look the same. Outside every house is the same humdrum '07 reg 20k family hatch, only difference being the colours. It sounds like a suburbia nightmare.

I think you are being a bit harsh on the developers there. I think your average Joe will see it as added value, not a sign of the dropping in house values. This is a short term gimmick that will get a few last punters in to buy at the old price before they have to drop the prices, this is fairly valid marketing as once people see the prices going down they will fear that they could drop more. Much better idea to offer them more for their money so they don’t feel as if prices are about to plummet.

Doesn’t say much for the average Joe if they fail to see through a threadbare scheme like this.

But the average Joe likes a new car and a plasma telly and a granite worktop. Lesbians on the granite worktop would be nice too. Still, that’s not just the average Joe, I suppose. He wants to have his pie and shag it!

This is VERY VERY common in the States, where sale prices become public knowledge. If you can drop the price without actually dropping the price then you preserve the myth that the houses are selling at that higher price.

Very important if you’re trying to sell multiple similar properties.


I can see the odd developer throwing that in for the housewarming at this stage… :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheaper than a crap new car too… :blush:

Where do I sign up for the Lesbos on the worktop? Much prefer that to an underpowered Hyundai :slight_smile:

Ah, but no doubt they would be the dungaree type. This being Ireland and all.

(sorry he started it now)

I apologise to everyone of every sexual persuasion who reads this thread. :wink:

Will the house depreciate faster than the car over the next few years I wonder :angry:

Or I could put this another way, will the house price deflation accelerate faster than the car price over the next few years :angry:

Remember these are the same people who believe that property prices can only go up…

Those same people are more likely to see the house price crashing faster than the car :angry:

So you’re saying no good can come of this?

Just keep going through the lights at Darndale… :smiley: