Fastest selling property in Ireland

It was discovered in other topicthat increasing number agents leads to faster sale. So I would have little competition, to find the fastest selling property in Ireland. A quick look on Galway market allowed me to find this six-agent house:

ReMax Galway
ReMax Athenry
SheryFitz Athery
ERA Loughrea
Silke and Co Oranmore
Larkin Clarinbridge

Anyone knows a house with more agents?

P.S. Note that links may not work any longer as house propably has been sold alread… :wink:

So that’s n-1 lawsuits, where n is the number of estate agents.

Amazing elastic square footage!

And disappearing and reappearing bathrooms.

would daftwatch count this more than once in it;s analysis??

Variation in pricing too, lowest 475K and Bee tells me it was 520K at one stage.

Funny that the utterly useless fuckin’ Consumer Affairs regulator doesnt mind the EAs lying thru their teeth about property size, but is prepared to prosecute if they’re inaccurate about how much the house cost !!