Favourite TV show

Just a friendly reminder that everybody’s favourite comdey show has just started on RTE 2. What else but ‘I’m an Adult Get Me out of here’.

yeah, check out his pinstripe/black shirt combo…what does it say???

oooh nooo now he’s changed in to a jacket with faux sheepskin collar… :unamused:

My favourite TV show has to be ‘Trailer Park Boys’. Right it’s Valentines night and I only logged on to check flights to Venice with the misses…outta here.

I didn’t know we had a e-ticket booking section on the pin :wink:

Off to venice with you ya dirty divil 8- :smiling_imp:

Whatever about the cost at least she did pick the nicest spot I think, as for the value, well my views on that are well known. She didn’t have a chance though as she was close to becoming the social pariah. Her sisters had kids she had none, she didn’t have her own place. As she said, my friends, my family all the gang at work all say it’s the right decision. She was doomed.
The other quote I liked was.
J: Have you though about what kind of person you want to rent with?
B: Someone who isn’t there much.

I can see her bitching around the water cooler about rice krispys on the carpet for many years to come.

I think that the host would be (yet again) a more culpable target for a character assassination instead of his victim. At one point she asked him if she could lose money on a 270k new build over the next few years (after rephrasing from ‘could I make money on it’), and - he flatly said ‘no’.

7.3% and rising!

I think IFSRA would have him over a barrel on that one if a complaint were to be made.

The premise of the program was, why live in a nice spacious environment with two other people, that you love, getting lots of visitors, that you love. When you could live in a shoebox with a stranger and never see your family again.

A lot of the poor girls on this program seem to be getting bullied into buying with the old mantra of “You’ll never get a fella if you don’t have a gaff”.

The property market is not regulated by IFSRA (now called the Financial Regulator).

That is why you get clowns like this bloke.

Pedantic (set up by Act of Oireachtas as Irish Financial Services Regulatory Authority).

First credit are regulated by the Regulator ifsra.ie/data/rf_files/Mortg … ies%20.pdf

They can have him on misselling an investment or savings product. They can’t have him for misselling property.

So, there would be a basis for a complaint if he had said, say, “buy this property on a variable rate **mortgage **because interest rates are going to come down”.

There is no cause because he said, “the price of this **house **will not fall”

Maybe I misheard, when she asked him if the value of the property would go up he said that it wouldn’t fall. The question is what capacity was he acting in when he gave this advice, best friend?

The legistlation is couched in terms of the products on which you advise, not who you work for.

His company is authorised to conduct certain business and/or provide advice in the area of investment and savings products (there are different categories of authorisation).

The best way to test this is to make a complaint yourself. It doesn’t have to come from the woman receiving the advice.

This might be open reason why it is never made clear in the program that he has mortgage brokerage interests. He is just the ‘presenter’. IFSRA would only have any impact if he was seen to be acting on behalf of his brokerage(s). What happens off camera, who knows?

Sure aren’t we always telling people that a home isn’t an investment? :smiley:

That’s fair enough. I vaguely remember a case recently where the regulator reprimanded a broker for giving investment advise about a property, I’ve been trying to dig it up.

Now that is possible, if the person went to see them (as a broker) and what was offered was deemed to be “general investment advice”, for which that individual wasn;t authorised to give (again, there are different levels of authorisation). A broker wouldn’t necessarily possess such authorisation.

So while he might have been prosecuted for giving advice about property, it wasn’t because it was advice about property (if you see what I mean).

I don’t see the difference. John McGuire (regulated by the regulator) gave investment advice about a property, while also trying to solicit the mortgage business.
The girl/customer/victim is looking to him as an expert here.

This guy shouldn’t need a regulator to get his comeuppance, he’s basically selling tickets for the titanic and what’s worse he probably knows its heading for an ice burg. When was the show filmed? Is this a repeat? RTE shouldn’t being showing it, or they should be putting in a warning, this is like sending Katherine Thomas to The Lebanon before the Israeli invasion and broadcasting it after the event as if nothing has changed.

Notice the way he was slagging her C.D. collection, that’s what this program is based on bullying/making people feel immature. Has any show ended with ‘the mark’ either staying a home or moving to rented accommodation? In any of the shows I’ve seen rent isn’t even considered as an option.

I completely agree.