Fears Diesel Will Run Dry At Pumps 'In Two Weeks'

what would this ginger muppet know about energy supplies? he’s typically wrong 90% of the time

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They didn’t turn back those Russian oil tankers 2 weeks ago without a reason.
Now let’s plug in our Teslas… oh wait the fuel for the power plants is not there, too.
It’s planned destruction. The Kabaal are in full swing now. Any sanity and common sense is out of the window.
Prepare accordingly.

Ps. Not without a reason the dopes from the Green Scammers were pushing with the emission tax 14 years ago to replace the fleet of old petrol cars with diesel. Diesel by nature is a work machine fuel. Now what they gonna do is to ration the fuel to transport and agricultural machinery. Bye bye to your car.

David McWilliam’s guest speaker said the key is not to panic.

A few headlines like the one above and it’s self fulfilling.