Fears speculators will snap up affordable homes

“Fears granny-snatching aliens are waiting to pounce”

Not affordable enough then, are they?

comedy gold! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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Here’s a thought Cork County Council. Before you embark on a costly ‘significant marketing campaign’ again, think about making the affordable houses you’re selling er… affordable. Bit of blue sky thinking there.

The mental flips are gymtastic!

And they are cash strapped why?

Yup - you’ve had a year to learn about market forces. That’s worked well obviously.

And if they’re not? You’ll hold on to them?

Fears that Speculators may overpay for affordable Homes in North Cork

Private Sale 5 miles from Charleville
Affordable Home Charleville :laughing:
affordablehome.ie/My-Local-Authority/Cork-County-Council/Cork-Northern-Division/Cork-North-Properties/Brindle-Hill,-Charleville,.aspx :angry:

the sad thing about all of this is that when we looked at cork city council before the local elections in June of this year, the council was controlled by the Mullingar Accord parties. How depressing is that XX Just goes to prove, they are all as bad as each other.

Anyone attempting to “snap up” a number of residential units anywhere in Ireland now would be a rabid speculator with, IMHO, significantly more cash on hand than functioning brain cells.

The prospect facing the country of a long drawn out period of less than low growth in the local economy, a significant number of unoccupied units across the island, coupled with the return of emigration would mean that the would-be “investor” would need to be looking at a 40 year+ window tying up their capital, and even at that, there would be only the slightest possibility of a small return when compared with other less ridiculous investment alternatives.

I suspect the story is a “plant” in order to spook the market that the late 90’s bogey man of the speculator is returning and with him, rampant house price inflation. IMHO, it’s more likely that the predictions of the end of the world in 2012 will come true.

So, no imminent end of the planet and no imminent upsurge in speculative residential buying.

Blue Horseshoe

Bruree is 7 miles from Charleville, first up. Second up, the problem with affordable homes in the north Cork area - and it’s not unique to Charleville - is that the prices were never that much less, if even, than private sales. Put simply, the asks on Brindle Hill, privately, three beds were always 195KE. 193KE does not represent much of a discount in that case and given the conditions of affordable, it just was not worth it.


How the hell has this laptop not gone over the balcony railing.
I mean JESUS.

What part of this mess are these morons not understanding?

“Let’s adopt a minimum price”

I’ve given up hope more times than George Best gave up drink.


I more than suspect it. I’d be astonished if this story was anything other than a plant


I’d be scared of those kind of zombie speculators

Not 195K anymore
This one on the market for ages now 165k

county councils should be dumping “affordable” homes on anyone who takes them.

Does anybody know is it possible to get out of a purchase of an affordable home by breaching the terms and conditions deliberatly.

Previously they were taking houses off people who rented them out without telling them.
Say you were stuck with a two bed you didn’t want could you get out of the Mortgage by breaching the terms and conditions thereby forfeiting the house? only losing what money had been paid so far (effectively rent) and escaping the negative equity?

Wow Canny Mcsavvy is going to make a killing here.

I wonder if he’ll snap up all 42 empty houses in areas deemed less in demand.

Canny is some man for the empty houses in the arse end of nowhere, you have to hand it to him.

Maybe he’ll get one of those interest free, repayment free, non recourse loans, like what Anglo gives to its idiot “developers”.

mmmmm doesn’t sound too idiotic

wish I’d got me one of them

Probably should rewrite the headline - “council terrified that idiot speculators won’t snap up homes; further writedowns to financial position likely as unwanted housing stock languishes; local councillor: ‘We may have missed the greater-fool bus on this one’”

Rathcormack? Isn’t that the place where the elected representative told them that he wouldn’t help the local school move out of prefabs because they didn’t vote for him?

It’s also festooned with empties. The town basically quadrupled in size during the construction boom.