feathering their own nest having fouled ours ....

This is quite appaling…well done Neil Callan
tribune.ie/news/article/2009 … -new-offi/

In the name of god …they do live on another planet.

No. They just treat the people who voted for them with the contempt they deserve.
A show of hands now. Who voted in the FF maggots?

The regulators are not voted in so im not sure the comment is fair tothem.

Where does the buck stop?

with the taxpayer.

There should be a valid reason for this.
They would be required to use the GCCC form of construction contract - which requires a MEAT criteria matrix (Most economically advantageous tender) to be put in place before the contract is placed.
That states how the tenders are to be evaluated - e.g. “cheapest tender=40%” “evidence you are not incompetent 20%” “evidence you can spell your own name = 10%” “evidence you aren’t employing cheap Turkish labour illegally = 5%”.
If you have the cheapest tender, but fail abysmally on the other bits, you will not get the tender.

Since no information on the MEAT is given, or how much cheaper the lowest tender was, one can’t tell if the decision was suspect or not.

EDIT: the other bits about rent and why the hell they need the work done stand though.

Wow, that’s nice bit of cash for some developer.

The regulators do the bidding of the FF maggots.

Basic scenario of the BS in the PS.
Newly promoted person was assigned an office, the office needed new carpet - he was told he would have to go through the central purchasing department for the carpet, this would have to go to an approved supplier and would take weeks. The cost would be in and around 1k.
He said fk this and went over to the nearest bargaintown with the measurements.
2 days later they delivered the carpet and fit it - the cost 200 euro.