Featherstone, 3 Louis Lane, Rathmines (-785k -46.9%)

Reduced from 1.675m
ireland.com/newspaper/proper … 31831.html

to 1,590m
myhome.ie/residential/search … YBLN334750

Now at €1,285,000
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … nes/288433

This is Liz O’Kane’s gaff? Previously it was just referred to as “3 Louis Lane”, so I guess the new name is a rebranding.

Positive thinking: ask, believe, receive. Does this mean she has started to listen to negative people?


The mirrors still there

This trophy home will now clear at the same price as “ordinary” semi-d’s did in nice Sth. Dublin areas like Templeogue, Terenure, Stillorgan, Rathfarnham at peak. In other words €800k-ish.

Perhaps being able to watch yourself defecate is all part of a healthy positive-thinking body image.


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Currently property of the week at felicityfox.ie Also known as the the property formerly known as 3 Louis Lane

Better get in quick folks, it’s only been on sale for three years

Never fear however, the vendor is apparently a property morkeshing expert. And with prices down up to 50% across the board, and even higher for ‘top end’ property, this very special property continues to outperform the market with its smaller than life price drops.

Shall, we do the Ironic Quote of All Time? Oh yes, let’s:
[quotesfromthebubble.blogspot.com … enter.html]
(Quotes from the Irish Property Bubble: Liz O'Kane, Property TV Show Presenter)

The irony is so dense, space-time has actually collapsed around that quote.



Now €1m

It’s still “worth” the original asking price, you know… :smiley:

It looks like something I would expect an IKEA team could design in a couple of hours…

Still a lot more to come down by.

Maybe worth 300k.


Quite nice but its a mews. And that means it up a lane way at the back of some other much nicer house.
Sorry honey. You missed the boat. You missed the market for selling a mews.
Around Euro 320,000 for die hards…

Nail, Head.

Not realistic. From an investment perspective, you can rent a 3 bedroom mews in this neighbourhood for 2,400 euros per month.

So if you are looking for a 5% yield on you money (to beat long term deposit interest rates of 2.5%), you should be paying 530k euros. ((2400 x 11 months) x 5%)

Of course, if you are spoilt for choice and “demand” a 10% yield on your money (to account for opportunity costs of locking funds into illiquid real estate and risk of further price drops), then yes a price of 264k euros is where you should be at.

However, in this neighbourhood and for a unique “trophy” mews, people do and will continue to pay a premium for ownership far above the yield value. If they can get a mortgage. Which they can’t.

Also, this is a rather sweet road: quiet and yet a 1 minute walk from Rathmines village. Plenty of greenery around too with lots of nice old trees and the pitches of St. Louis School. A very comfy and pleasant location if urban mews living is your thang.

So I agree that 320k is too low, although it’s possible €2,400 rent is too high also! Whatever, c.€500k+ intuitively feels right for this since two solicitors on good wedge could afford that. Needless to say that makes a nonsense of bog standard semi-d’s asking that amount, which they still are.

Autumn selling season over and this is not sale agreed yet @ €1m

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … nes/288433

Now 975k

3.5 years on the morket

Onwards and downwards.

the mirror is brilliant!

maybe you repeat positive affirmations as you do your business.

now asking 890K