Fed cuts rates 0.25 basis points


Doh! :blush:

It was expected. Interest rate futures were pricing in a 10% chance that they’d leave it unchanged. Would have been a big shock if they hadn’t.

Fed Lowers Benchmark Rate a Quarter Point, Signals Reluctance to Cut Again

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Helicopter Ben to the rescue!

The US dollar printing presses are going to run out of ink. Fiat currency? More like Lada.

I visualise Chavez rubbing his thighs with so much glee, the friction causes a small fire and he needs his cabana boy to put it out…

I picture the chinese holding an emergency meeting of whatever shitty named grouping they are calling the perjorative leadership of the proletariat these days and saying, man, I thought we could trust these amerikats.

Turns out, they are as inscrutable as the Chinese!!! :unamused:

Maybe its just the cynic in me, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this quote was just a sop to the fight-inflation brigade.