Fee Income stablises for Ireland's top 20 accountancy firms

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It is difficult to make sense of some of the numbers in the table because some are reporting revenue for 26 county and others are 32 county basis. 20 years ago it used to be 1/3rd for staff cost, 1/3rd for overheads and 1/3rd to the partners so :laughing: all the way to the bank it seems.

But comparing like for like and taking the partner numbers from their websites

PWC - ROI 94 partners, NI 15 Partners, €299m Revenue = €2.75Million Revenue per partner.

KPMG - 32 County 86 partners, €230m Revenue = €2.7million Revenue per partner.

Grant Thornton ROI 31 partners, NI 9 partners, €71m Revenue = €1.8Million Revenue per partner.

B-D-O - 32 County 43 partners €54.6m Revenue = €1.3m Revenue per partner

Baker Tilly Ryan Glennon 26 County 11 partners €1.2 m Revenue per partner.

Partnerships don’t publish annual accounts so this is only a survey questionnaire.

more bottom picking.

how much of this is merely NAMA taking up the slack?